Woman thrashed by villagers

A woman was thrashed, tied to tree and her hair was chopped by villagers in Rajasthan’s Ajmer district on the Independence Day.


Once again it happened in Rajasthan. A woman was subjected to mob justice. This time it happened on the Independence Day and merely one kilometre away from where Chief Minister Vasundhara Raje unfurled the Tri-colour on Monday in Ajmer.

A woman, living in Ambedkar Kachchi Basti of Ajmer, was on Monday taken out of her house, tied to a tree and thrashed by all present. If you ever thought that Taliban mode of justice would not take root here because India is governed by the rule of law, this incident forces one to think again.


The victim was accused of having multiple sexual relation in the village. Those who beat her up alleged that her behaviour was disrupting the social fabric of the village. Youths and children were being spoiled. And, this unproven charge was enough for them to hand her street justice.

The woman was dragged out of her house, tied her to a tree, cut her hair and beat her up black and blue. Scores of villages looked on as the woman was beaten up by not only men but also women, who had been her neighbours.

Having been deserted by her husband, the victim lives in Ambedkar Kachchi Basti with her two children. Interestingly, till this incident happened none of her neighbours ever complained against her for anything.


The audacity of the perpetrators could only be gauged from the fact that one of them called up local police station. Police personnel visited the spot promptly but stood mute spectators as if they were there to ensure ‘justice’ was done to the poor woman. Police didn’t stop the perpetrators or tried to rescue the woman safety.

The news of the incident spread to surrounding villages. Sensing trouble for himself, the SHO of the Christianganj Police Station Vijender Gill reached the spot and carried out preliminary inquiry.

Pushed for an answer, Gill said, “We got the information of two women fighting in the village. We don’t really know as to what has happened. But, whosoever has done this will be brought to law. We have registered an FIR and will apprehend the culprits soon.”


This is not an isolated incident of such nature in Rajasthan. In fact this is the third incident in past one month in which a woman was subjected to public brutality.

In Udaipur, another woman was paraded naked and was kept tied to a tree for several days on the suspicion of having multiple relationship with men. In Alwar, a woman was gang-raped and the rapists wrote down expletive on her body after committing the crime. Police swung into action only after much hue and cry.