A Hindu naturopath, who penned a biography of Prophet Mohammad in Marwari dialect, is getting trolled on the social media for writing about Islam rather than his own religion.


Rajeev Sharma, 27, who completed a 112-page e-book named ‘Paigambar Ro Paigam’ (Message of Prophet) in December last year and uploaded it online in PDF format, had to block his wall because of messages condemning him for propagating a religion other than Hinduism.

“Think why these people (of minority community) are showering praises on you. Just write about massacre of Hindus in Kashmir and see their reactions,” wrote Virag Tyagi (name changed) a Facebook (FB) user in a private message to Sharma.

The cover of the book ‘Paigambar Ro Paigam’ written by Rajeev Sharma. (HT Photo)

Another user, Punit Raghav (name changed) asked Sharma whether he forgot atrocities by Aurangzeb on Hindus and dared him to make his FB account’s timeline public so that he could be “shown the truth”.

Sharma said he wrote the book to spread the message of peace by portraying the life and teachings of the Prophet for people who are not well-versed in Arabic, Urdu, English or Hindi. The book was well received in Islamic countries and Sharma has been congratulated for his efforts to write the book in an endangered dialect.

“Such messages disturb a little but the messages supporting my cause far outnumber them and I draw strength from them,” said Sharma, now living in Jaipur.

The writer had also received messages asking him to write only on Hinduism as he is a Hindu. “Undertone of such messages is that I should not propagate Islam or any other religion,” said Sharma.

Sharma, who has also written the meaning of Hanuman Chalisa in Marwari, wants to translate the Holy Quran in Marwari. “I studied Urdu in school and it will help me now,” he said.