NEW DELHI: The complainant in the sexual harassment case against TERI former Director General Rajendra K Pachauri has moved the Industrial Tribunal urging the latter to vacate the stay granted by it on the operation of the ICC report which had held Pachauri guilty of sexual harassment at workplace.

Acting on Pachauri’s plea, challenging the findings of the Internal Complaints Committee (ICC) on grounds of violation of “principles of natural justice“, the Industrial Tribunal on May 29 had stayed the ICC report.
In an elaborate plea, the 29-year-old complainant against Pachauri has urged the tribunal to set aside the said order so that the Governing Council of TERI is made to act on the ICC report. The complainant has accused TERI and its Governing Council of “remaining mute spectators” to the damaging ICC findings against Pachauri and deliberately giving Pachauri “ample opportunity” to move the court and obtain ex parte stay on the ICC report.

In a separate reply, the complainant has made disclosures about the alleged sexual harassment and intimidation meted out to her at the hands of Pachauri.

Pachauri had a “fiduciary relationship” with her and Pachauri “misused” his position to “sexually harass, mentally and physically torture” her to make her “have sexual relations with him”. The research analyst has stated that the 74 year old “tried to take control over” her life .

She has submitted that Pachauri was the age of her grandfather. “However, his conduct was full of sexual innuendoes, comments and harassment asking for sexual favours like hug, kiss, holding hand and telling her that she wants to make love to her”, reads her reply.

She has told the tribunal that despite she not being entitled to travel in business class, Pachauri would “ask the organizers to fly her by business class so that she could sit with him and he would then attempt to hold her  ..