28 December 2012



The Chairman

National Human Rights Commission

Faridkot House

Copernicus Marg

New Delhi


Respected Sir


This is a sordid tale of a woman, who lost her family, livelihood and neighbourhood due to the river erosion of Padma and her woes further compounded with while her husband a person attached with Border Security Force left her without even informing her. The men attached with Border Security Force, used his position, made false promises of marriage and subjugate the destitute woman and had sex without providing her any financial and other supports in guise of marriage. 


Ms. Sundari Bibi, (actual name withheld) daughter of Mr. Aftab Ali Mondal, aged about 30 years of village- Parashpur, Post Office- D/ Parashpur, Police Station- Jalangi under Murshidabad district, started living at Sushil Colony, Char Parashpur with many others who lost their agrarian land and dwellings by the erosion. The entire village; Parashpur is now extinct from the map due to the river erosion of year 2005. From 2006 onward her father started living at the said place with his daughters and minor sons. The woman got crippled when her both palms were severely burnt while cooking.  Her minor brothers became adults by the time gone and left the family, her sisters got married and she developed animosity with her parents and became abandoned. In 2007, she moved towards the banks of river Padma adjoining to Sushil Colony and erected a hutment for her living. She started to fend herself by selling a small quantity of rice which she uses to buy from local market.


In the mid 2008, a BSF personal from adjacent Farazipara BSF- BOP Camp of 90th Battalion; Mr. Shamsuddin Barlaskar; son of Late Moinuddin Barlaskar; Identity Card No. 95145059, Rank– C.T (at that time), Identity Serial No. 202008 (Issuing Date- 15.1.98) has started visiting her during days and nights. The said BSF personal made proposals for sexual favours. While she refused those proposals, he made consecutive promises for marriage and the hapless woman was convinced of that and a physical relationship between them had grown from that time. The neighbourhood asked the couples to get marry and pressure from Sundari forced the culprit; Shamsuddin to marry her. On that time, he has to leave the Farazipara BSF camp for more than two months and later transferred to Madhugari BSF camp. From Madhugari camp he often visited the hapless woman and the neighbourhood of Sundari forced the BSF personal to marry her. After being married, Shamsuddin used to come to her house and started living as a married couple. Shamsuddin made several false promises that he would take her to his native place but never. Their marriage got solemnised and registered according to the Muslim Marriage Act, on 5.11.2009 at Domkal; Murshidabad.  But Shamsuddin never provided any money to the hapless woman for her living and forced her to penury. The woman with her challenged situation still living alone. In 2010, she came to know that, Shamsuddin has been transferred at Roshanbagh Head Quarter of 90 Battalion of BSF. Later our investigation revealed that he has been transferred from Roshanbagh to Jammu and Kashmir but details are not available with us.


On 5.11.2009 the hapless victim tried to lodge a complaint against Shamsuddin at Jalangi Police Station; Murshidabad but the police of that police station refused to accept her complaint.  On 19.4.2010, she made a similar complaint before the Sub Divisional Officer; Domkal, District- Murshidabad and on 22.4.2010, the SDO sent a notice to the Block Development Officer; Jalngi, District- Murshidabad to cause an enquiry with the Assistant Camp Commandant of concerned BOP of BSF and for submitting an action taken report to him.


But till date no appropriate actions have been taken by the authorities. In the meantime, the victim woman has undergone physical and psychological treatments at medical camps organised by us. Our psychological counsellor opined that she is under severe distress and anxiety. The woman is living under utter destitution because her name has not been included under any governmental schemes; BPL, Annapurna or Antodaya. She has not made further persuasion of her case because till recent, she obsessed with a faintest hope for a better conjugal relations which became shattered now.


In this given context I demand for:-


  • A specific case of committing rape by giving false promises must be initiated against the said BSF personal
  • Alimony and maintenance for throughout the period must be provided to the victim woman from the involved BSF personnel
  • The protection and safety of the woman must be guaranteed
  • The role of erring police personnel of Jalangi police station; who refused to register the complaint of the victim, must be investigated and appropriate actions should be taken



Sincerely Yours



(Kirity Roy)



Kirity Roy
Banglar Manabadhikar Suraksha Mancha
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