In what seems to be another controversial statement coming from a politician, Union Minister Uma Bharati while addressing a rally in Agra, condemned acts of sexual molestation and rape, adding that she got rapists tortured and let victims watch during her tenure as Madhya Pradesh Chief Minister.

Referring to the Bulandshahr gang rape incidents that took place in 2016, she said, “The rapists should be hung upside down and beaten till their skin comes off. Salt and chilly should be rubbed on their wounds, so that they scream for their lives. That is what I had got done when I was chief minister (of Madhya Pradesh from 2003 to 2004).”

She also revealed the fact that she went against the police to get the culprits tortured pointing out that people who behave like ‘danavs’ (demons) do not deserve any human rights.

“Their heads should be cut off like Ravana’s, Bharti said, claiming that she asked a rape survivor to watch the rapist’s torture through a lockup window so that she could get some “peace”.

This statement or revelation is not the first time the senior BJP leader has made a controversial statement. In the past, she had condemned people slamming the surgical attack conducted after several Indian soldiers were killed by terrorists from across the border. She said, “Those who seek evidence about surgical strikes should go to Pakistan.”

The ascetic, who was associated with the Ram Janmabhoomi movement of the early 1990s, came to prominence in that period for her fiery speeches against the Babri mosque structure. In 2004, she was forced to resign as chief minister of MP because of an arrest warrant in connection with the 1994 Hubli riots.

At the Thursday rally, Bharti also castigated the Akhilesh government for not doing enough to ensure that the alleged rapists weren’t bailed out. She also criticised Samajwadi Party MP Dimple Yadav for seeking votes for her husband’s party, but not meeting the rape survivors.

Defending BJP’s Hindutva agenda, the Union minister said, “When we talk about cow, Rama and Ganga, we are accused of dividing the country, whereas it was Congress who divided it.” She added that “efforts could be made” to get back the parts which had been “divided” earlier.