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By TwoCircles.net Staff Reporter,

Hyderabad: Muslim youths from Hyderabad detained Sunday morning by Special Investigation Team and task force have been released late in the night after whole day of interrogation in connection with the Dilsukanagar twin blasts.

Mohammed Rayeesuddin, who was acquitted in the Mecca Masjid blast case, was taken for interrogation by the SIT today morning. From East Zone Task Force he was shifted to Osmania University police station. Immediately after his detention, Telugu news channels flashed his name in their news scrolls that a ‘terrorists Mohammed Rayees is taken into police custody for interrogation’. Reputed news agency like IANS made a news report stating that ‘Hyderabad blast investigation got some momentum after Rayees arrest’.


Rayeesuddin, TCN file photo 

Rayees speaking to TCN said his life is back again at square one, and he was reminded today of the happenings of 2007 Mecca Masjid blast investigation. “Media attitude is still the same, at that time they declared us terrorists and now it’s still the same, nothing has changed for us,” Rayees said.

Rayees said police asked him continuous questions regarding his association with Syed Maqbool who is now the key character for media in the blast investigation. Rayees said, “At 2007 it was Shahid Bilal, they continuously interrogated asking for my links to Shahid Bilal, now it is Maqbool. In 2007 it turned out to be someone other then Bilal, now don’t know who it will turn out to be the real culprit.”

Rayees said although police didn’t mentally harass him during the course of interrogation, but the way they took him for interrogation from his house without any legal notice was humiliating. ‘Today again my self-respect was hurt’, Rayees said.

Along with Rayees, Mohammed Azmath was also taken for interrogation, now he was also released. Azamath said SIT officers came to his house at 3 am. in the night and took him away in his night dress, and kept him under their custody for interrogation for nearly 15 hours. He too was questioned on the same Maqbool links.

Other youths Arshed Khan, Abdul Raheem, and Abdul Kareem are also being released. Dr. Ibrahim Ali Junaid received calls from police continuously for meeting them at public places, when he refused he was told that police will again call him on Monday. All of the above youths mentioned were charged for Mecca Masjid blasts conspiracy case but later acquitted; in 2011, they were awarded compensation and character certificate by the Govt. for implicating them in false cases.

Rumors are circulating in Hyderabad of scores of Muslim youths getting picked up by the police for blast interrogation. But no higher police official has yet acknowledged it. Even when some journalist contacted Commissioner of Police, he even refused to confirm that above mentioned youths were detained by city police.

All the above detained Muslim youths who are now released after interrogation, made their apprehensions clear that they don’t think it will end so easy for them. They complained that police is looking at the blast investigation from only one angle. They said city police might as well turn this Dilsuknagar twin blasts investigation into a blunder as they did with Mecca Masjid blast investigation.