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Oxfam- 30% Muslims, 20% Dalits and Adivasis Report Discrimination in Accessing Healthcare

Forty-three percent of the respondents stated that they could not get vaccinated because the vaccination centres had run out of vaccines when they visited them and 12% did not get inoculated because they could not afford “the high prices” of… Continue Reading →

‘Afghan Girl’ From 1985 National Geographic Cover Takes Refuge in Italy

Sharbat Gula, whose haunting portrait was featured by the magazine more than three decades ago, was evacuated to Rome after the Taliban takeover of Afghanistan. By Jenny GrossNov. 26, 2021 Sharbat Gula, who became an international symbol of war-torn Afghanistan after… Continue Reading →

Nation for Farmers (NFF) announces the process for formation of a ‘National Kisan Commission’

Nation for Farmers November 25, 2021 Nation for Farmers and other collaborating platforms and organizations announce the process of formation of a ‘Kisan Commission’ to assess and report on the state of agriculture. As the challenges facing the farmers of… Continue Reading →

Two journalists booked in Tripura for reporting on anti-Muslim violence

Maktoob Staff Samriddhi K Sakunia and Swarna Jha, two journalists at HW News Network have been booked by Tripura Police while reporting on anti-Muslim violence unleashed by Hindutva groups in the northeast state. “@Jha_Swarnaa and I, the correspondent at @hwnewsnetwork… Continue Reading →

Muslim youth unable to find jobs, gap between skill training, employment widens

By Moin Qazi*  Muslim Indians are the second-largest demographic of India. They constitute over 14% of the country’s population of roughly 172 million people. Muslims have considered India as their home for more than a millennium and they have become… Continue Reading →

TN Minister Sekar Babu Has Annadhanam With Tribal Woman After Her Community ‘Denied Food In Temple’

POSTED ON OCTOBER 30, 2021 The Narikurava people are indigenous community members, who were earlier dependent on hunting, but now they are selling ornaments and beads for a living. Chennai: The Tamil Nadu Minister for Hindu Religious and Charitable Endowments… Continue Reading →

Christian Minorities and Indian Democracy

Ram Punyani As sectarian nationalism is becoming more assertive and strong, the religious minorities are being subjected to intimidation and violence on regular basis. As such there is an increase the frequency of this phenomenon during last decade in an… Continue Reading →

Aryan Khan isn’t a show to enjoy. NDPS is a weapon vengeful state could use on you or your kids

BY- Shekhar Gupta The maniacal global ‘War on Drugs’ might have calmed down with more rational analysis in most democracies, but it rages on under the many dictatorships, from Iran to China, or elected autocracies, such as Singapore and Malaysia…. Continue Reading →

Not Just a ‘Survey’: Karnataka Govt Gets Intelligence Wing to Spy on Churches

In an order dated 18 October, State Intelligence Department has asked police officials to gather intel on churches.Nikhila HenryPublished: 23 Oct 2021, 10:07 AM IST i Even before tabling an ‘anti-conversion’ bill in the Karnataka Legislative Assembly, the state’s Bharatiya Janata… Continue Reading →

Aryan Khan’s case the latest in dangerous trend of unfounded conspiracy angles and blatant media trials

Prosecution or persecution? byTamanna PankajOctober 21, 2021 In light of the allegations of an international conspiracy swirling around Aryan Khan’s arrest as he undergoes a media trial, TAMANNA PANKAJ revisits other similar cases from the last one and a half year which… Continue Reading →

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