Venue: Hochaimallik Jot, Naxalbari
Time: 8th September, 2012, Rally at 2 P.M.
Organised by Babulal Biswakarmakar Sahid Smaran Committee
Contact No. +919331858854
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This event tells us of the heroic martyrdom of a son of the soil who directly answered to the State’s general tactic of armed terror on any Movement for the peoples’ demands.

Night of 7th September,1967, when a meeting of the Siliguri Sub-divisional Krishak Sabha in Hochaimallik Jot was at its end, 20companies of policemen gheraoed the area & started firing. This group of nine, comprising Babulal Biswakarmakar, a woman comrade & others, took cover in the nearby jungle; the group started defending themselves with only one gun which Com. Babulal was operating. This direct fight continued till the next dawn with the martyrdom of Babulal Biswakarmakar while eight other comrades could flee from there.

As the then United Front Govt. of West Bengal having CPI(M) as its component, came to power in March,1967 with the hollow promise of land reforms & was very usual in acting the opposite as “bill collectors of zamindars & jotedars”, militant peasants’ struggles increased under the tribals equipped with traditional weapons in the Naxalbari Area from March,1967 with serial incidents of land-seizure & crop-distribution from landlords’ granaries, by the Krishak Sabha. Till the night of 7th September these assaults were one-sided either from the State forces-feudal mafia or the peasants in the Naxalbari Area. But Com. Babulal’s was a direct encounter with the State forces for self-defence that continued for about 5hours. Though the peasants’ side had only one gun Com. Babulal fought in such a manner changing positions it appeared to the State forces that the peasants were all armed.

The lower-caste Dalit Biswakarmakar family members were active organizers of the Tebhaga Movement in Dinajpur district. Convicted by the then British Govt. for organizing Tebhaga Movement they were officially evicted from their native land in Khanpur,Dinajpur. Then the Biswkarmakars came to Hochaimallik Jot in Naxalbari, started farming in a land by shedding-off a part of the jungle there. The Biswakarmakars continued to be organizers of the poor peasants’ struggles.On that night of 7th September there was a woman comrade who was also a member of the Biswakarmakar family. This incident speaks a lot beyond the terms of the romance-consuming middle-class petty-bourgeoisie who generally views the Naxalbari Movement as a good dose for their emotional meter & an alternative arena of political-careerism; because Naxalbari Movement produced martyrs like Com. Babulal Biswakarmakar, like whom almost 9 out of 10 people in India live their daily lives through toil & labour.
Long Live Com. Babulal Biswakarmakar!
(8th September,1967-2012; Hochaimallik Jot,Naxalbari)