This is a latest research on Current Developmental conditions of
Muslims through out the World. For example the sum total of the GDPs
of all Muslim Majority countries in 2012 was 12 trillion dollar while
the GDP of USA in the same year was 15 trillion dollar. Whole Muslim
world have 2313 universities while USA alone have 2138 universities.
In 2012 whole Muslim world produced 3,941,737 vehicles while in the
same year South Korea alone produced 4,561,766 vehicles, USA produced
10,328,884 and China Produced 19,271,808 Vehicles. There is no
aircraft engine manufacturing industry in the whole Muslim world
except Iran, no Muslim Majority country has its own space shuttle,
aircraft carrier etc. the population of Muslims in the whole world is
117 times greater than Jews but in last 105 years Jews won 180 Nobel
prizes while Muslims won only 10 noble prizes. In 2011 whole Muslim
world produced 49.1 million tonnes of steel while in the same year
Arcelor Mittal SA (a steel company based in Luxembourg) produced 91.8
million tonnes of steel. China produce 716 million tonnes, Japan
produced 107 million tonnes and USA produced 88.6 million tonnes of
steel in the same year. And many other amazing facts you will find in
this books.
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