Sonali Gulati –  has come up with an awesome video a REWRITE of deepika padukone‘s MY CHOICE .

She breaks down  each myth  of women empowerment of My Choice as propagated by the Video, which actually is disempowerment ,


Re-writing the script is important and must be done.
The Vogue Empower video is not empowering to women.




My body, my mind, my choice


I am not a woman’s empowerment video

Scripted by a man

played by a woman

That starts with “My Body”

you objectifying prick

MY Choice

MY Words

written by ME

MY Voice

not your man-you-script


Because this is MY choice

MY choice

To not be a slow-motion, hair flying, spirit-roaming, vogue-worthy smiling face

Because THIS is not about my body or my mind or my spirit

It’s about my LIFE

and therefore my choice

To wear the clothes I like; even if my spirit roams naked

MY choice

To NOT wear clothes AT ALL

MY choice

To BE naked

Because neither my spirit nor my body need your permission to roam naked

Because I am ALIVE and kicking with bodily functions

My choice;
to be a size 0 or a size 15

My choice
to not be a size AT ALL because sizes were created to encage us

Because that size 0 that you mention is known as anorexia

And no one ought to willfully want to be that unattainable and unhealthy size 0

Because that size 15 that you mention

can mean being fat, sexy, and fierce as fuck

Because that size 15, yes you can script it

But the women remain invisible in your magazine

Yes you stay stuck in your fat phobia
because only a side-profiled pregnant woman
is considered “beautiful” enough to make the cut
in your so-called feminist video

They don’t have a size for my spirit, and never will

Because I am so done with your spirit and soul bullshit

Because I am so done with your fear of my body, my consent

Because I am so done with you trying to find a size for this and a size for that

To use cotton and silk to trap my soul is to believe that you can halt the expansion of the universe

Because I refused to be exoticised by your cottons and silks

Because I don’t want to be talked about in terms of saris at all

Because I can be a woman who defies your “feminine”

Because I can be a woman who doesn’t shave or wax

Because I can be a woman who was born with a cock or one who straps it on

Or capture sunlight in the palm of your hand

Your mind is caged, let it free

My body is not

Let it be

Because I’m not YOUR sunshine

I am MY OWN fire

And enough about my body, my body, MY body

My choice

To marry, or not to marry

It’s not about a yes or no to marry

It’s about the system itself

And I say UP YOURS to your patriarchal institution of marriage

To have sex before marriage, 

to have sex outside of marriage, 

or to not have sex

My choice

My choice

To speak up

Because YOUR words continue to sexualize and asexualize me

Because my having sex can only be talked about
within and beyond the confines of marriage and monogamy

Because the possibility of me having sex with myself doesn’t even cross your mind

Because what my hand can do is too satisfying for me

too threatening for your male ego and

too scandalous to mention in a Vogue video

To love temporarily, or to lust forever

My choice

My choice

To be a woman

And not be talked about in terms of love and lust

Is that too much to ask?

To love a man, or a woman, or both

Because I almost didn’t scratch his

Because I refuse to talk about love within the confines of your gender binaries

Because being a “lesbian” or a “bisexual”
are words that are still too taboo to say

Too outlawed to exist

Too outlandish to hear

Too forbidden to witness

Too censored to see

So lesbians and bisexuals can only be described and couched in words like “To love a man, a woman, or both”

Because the word “neither” or “both” or “in-between” in your gender categories doesn’t exist

Because same-sex desire is too much to show in a video

Because being gender-queer, gender-bending, gender non-conforming
all exist beyond the stereotypes YOU choose to embrace

Because hijras only exist in your worldview as fleeting,
forcefully presented at your births and weddings
only to be shooed away

And because you don’t even care to know about butches and kothis

Perhaps it’s time you re-think gender

Rethink gender-expression

and rethink sexuality

The bindi on my forehead, the ring on my finger,
adding your surname to mine,
they’re all ornaments.

They can be replaced

I choose

NO surnames at all

Not yours, not mine

Because I know all too well how and why they are passed down

Because I choose not to be defined as someone’s daughter

someone’s wife, someone’s mother, or someone’s sister

My love for you cannot, so treasure that

I am not so pompous and egotistical

to assume that my love for someone cannot be replaced

Enough of this treasure bullshit that perpetuates

women as possessive

women as possessions

My choice; to come home when I want

Don’t be upset if I come home at 4am

Don’t be fooled if I come home at 6pm

My choice to NOT come home at all

My choice; to have your baby or not

My choice

to have OUR baby or not

My Choice

to have an abortion or not

Because the word ‘abortion’ is too scathing to appear in your video

To pick you from 7 billion choices or not

So don’t get cocky

My choice

To have the ability and desire to pick more than one mate please

Because polyamory exists too

My choice
to mention ALL 7.3 billion people

so get your figures right

My pleasure might be your pain

My songs, your noise

My choice

To not be a song, to not be a melody

My choice
to have MY voice

Let’s talk about class and caste disparities

Let’s talk about the violence and rape

Let’s talk about your heteronormative, patriarchal , misogynistic,
gendered notions of what a woman even is

Let’s talk about our history

Let’s talk about how women for centuries have done MORE work and earned LESS

Let’s talk about how it’s high time we dismantle this power

No let’s not talk about that!

because that’s just not so HOT

nor COOL

to talk about in a Vogue video

because YOUR Vogue video about US

is all too clean and clear-cut and black & white

My order, your anarchy

Your sins, my virtues

Why must I always be talked about in terms of sins and virtues?

Because the English language prevents you from

Talking about ME as being a truly EMPOWERED woman

Who can write her own script, create her own video

Be a faceless celebrity

And still reach a million people

My choices are like my fingerprints

They make me unique

I am UNIQUE. Full Stop.

You want to talk about fingerprints?

My fingerprints are what I use to sign

Because YOU deny me my right to an education

My fingerprints are what I shall leave behind

To show the world that I am capable
of doing more than just cooking and cleaning and caring

My fingerprints are what I shall leave behind

When I escape from being confined

I am the tree of the forest

I am the snowflake not the snowfall

I am a woman

who refuses to be equated with nature and nurture





I am not some cool tiny particle falling from the sky

created by your narrow-minded vision

You are the snowflake

Wake up

Get out of the shit storm

You are the FAKE, who wants to MAKE

A video about women

by exoticising and fetishising

and copywriting from within your shit storm

And no please don’t bother waking up

Keep sleeping and keep dreaming

of your Vogue-worthy women
with their hair flying in slow motion

just like all the other advertising bullshit that you do

I choose to empathize

Or to be indifferent

My Choice?

I choose NOT to have any empathy for you or your crap

I choose NOT to be indifferent

But instead

I fight for my human right

I command to be free

I stipulate to be safe

I require to live

I claim ME

To be just ME

I choose to be different

I am the universe

Infinite in every direction

This is my choice

I choose to break away from your man-you-script

I choose not make any lofty claims of being the universe

Despite the fact that you exist in this universe

because I gave birth to you

Fuck choice!

I can be complex and badass and boring

I can rage and rant and but I’m enduring

Because I’m not ready to give up

Or settle for less