By Bollywood Hungama News Network, March 20, 2015 – 12:31 hrs IST

With many Bollywood celebrities using Twitter as a platform to strongly voice out their opinions on current issues, the recent one to join the league of celeb twitteratis is none other than Rishi Kapoor. Though none of his family members are on Twitter, the veteran star’s account have managed to garner many followers and the actor recently has fallen victim for speaking out on beef ban.

Readers may be aware that the state of Maharashtra has decided to impose a ban on beef stating religious reasons wherein according to the Hindu religion, the cows are considered sacred and hence killing them for consuming has hurt the sentiments of the ones who follow this belief. However, many liberal Hindus have voiced out against this as they believe eating is a matter of personal choice. Rishi Kapoor, being one of them, took to Twitter to talk about the issue, saying, “I am angry. Why do you equate food with religion? I am a beef eating Hindu. Does that mean I am less God fearing then a non eater? Think!! Aapko naheen khaana beef/pork mat khao. Ultimately your Karma counts not fuckn dictates by bigots. Karo Apna kiddos. Karm achche hon bas! Ye pandit maulvi sab chodo! Karo dil ki baat. Man ki baat. Ban on food? Unheard of by Idiots!!! Politics!!”

Considering this as a personal dig against them, many politicians and their supporters decided to give it back to Rishi Kapoor and some of them even abused the actor on his Twitter handle. Seeing the sudden reaction over his tweets, the actor went on clarify about his stand on the matter, saying, “My mantra? Live and let live!!!! Please don’t get me wrong I do not advocate killing of animals I am against this shit of double standards of politicians to suit themselves. By the way I love my Pork Chops too like a lot of my muslim friends who have a likewise thinking Laugh when you equate food with religion.”

Adding that he himself is a beef eater, Rishi Kapoor wrote, “Knew this would go wrong! When did I say I have “Gau Maas”and I kill cows? Yes I eat beef where cattle are bred for food legally. Not in India We have this funny thing about us Indians to misunderstand and prosecute without knowing the truth. Pehle jaano baat ko phir gaali do Doston Greatly hurt by wrong insinuations by some Hindu radicals and fundamentalists. Pass judgement only after verification. Check my tweets. So sad”

But he didn’t end that. Firmly standing by his word, Rishi Kapoor further decided to give it back to the ones who insulted him on Twitter, saying, “Have blocked abusive people. Idiots do not understand simple English but take pleasure in swearing at me. UNDERSTAND WHAT I AM SAYING. Didn’t know you also have to interact with unintelligent stupid people. Maine koi Gunah naheen kiya coz I do not relate food with religion.”

Last but not the least, he added, “Fed up fed up! When did I say cow slaughter or gau Maas khata hoon. Ye aapne socha aisa maine naheen kaha. Do waqt ki puja karta hoon main. Yes I ate cattle specially bred elsewhere in the world for food like millions like me not killing Gau Maa. Never ever did that here. Sad! Sab gaali aur khaffa ho gaye? Meri baat to sunte. Khair sabko block kar diya who abused me. Not fair to me Hindu Sabha!! Correct them Plz.”