Demand a clean cloud.

The media officer fo greenpeace  informs me that due to unavidable cricumstances their protest outside the Apple office in Bangalore, has been postponed, but they are engaging with people on streets of banaglore on the issue .Write to Apple now.


Massive data-centres power the ‘cloud’ which stores all our data online. Tonnes of polluting coal is burnt to power these data centres.

Last year, pressure from people all over the world made Facebookcommit to renewable energy. Over 200,000 people from across the world have written to Apple’s CEO, Tim Cook, asking him to quit coal. Join them and get Apple to clean our cloud.

You should write to Apple’s CEO Tim Cook and ask him to use renewable energy to power Apple’s technology because coal is a polluting source of energy.


We need to make Apple feel the pressure. The number of emails, reaching the CEO’s inbox, need to increase to achieve this.

Google, Yahoo! and Facebook are already taking steps to go renewable. It’s time Apple took responsibility for its technology. Ask them to act now!

Rotten apple – we demand a clean cloud

Thanks a billion!

Mrinmoy Chattaraj
Greenpeace India

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