“RSS planned to assassinate top CPI(M) leaders and orchestrate communal riots at Kozhikkode”

Former Kokkallur RSS Sakha Karyakartha T.N. Anoop made a shocking revelation in a press conference that the RSS had planned to assassinate top leaders of the CPI(M) in Calicut.

Anoop has been one of the main RSS leaders of Kokkallur Sakha for over 9 years. When Anoop questioned the assassination plot, the RSS leadership turned against him. RSS were planning to kill DYFI Calicut Unit Secretary Nijish and DYFI Kokkallur East Branch secretary TN Ganesan. RSS leadership planned to turn the killings against CPI(M) and thus orchestrate riots in Malabar.

Four years back Anoop had to face the music for not informing the leadership that he saw a CPI(M) leader P.N. Ashokan at the Thrissur pooram. A plan was on to assassinate him during his journey from Thrissur to Kozhikode. In 2015, P.N. Ashokan was attacked and injured by an RSS gang of criminals armed with with sharp weapons. His house was also attacked. In 2008, Kottol Suresh was severely wounded in an attack orchestrated by the RSS. Suresh was a CPI(M) activist. Anoop, who is well aware of the plans behind such attacks also revealed that a bike was set on fire in front of DYFI activist Abhin Sathyan’s house by a group led by an RSS shakha shikshak.

Anoop said that he has decided to sever his association with the Sangh Parivar in protest against their heinous attempts to disrupt peace.

Anoop is now a target as he is deemed to be a target by the Sangh Parivar. He has filed a case against RSS to the Vadakara Rural SP alleging that his life is in danger.

(Balussery (Kozhikkode) — 22nd February 2017)