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ALIGARH: Rajeshwar Singh, the man behind the ‘ghar wapsi’ (conversion) of 200 Muslims in Agra on December 8 and earlier of a group of Christians in an Aligarh village, has, according to sources, been asked to go on “leave”, stripping him of his post as the Dharam Jagran Samiti’s coordinator for Western UP and Uttarakhand.

Though Singh refused to comment on his removal by the RSS, telling TOI on Friday that he will not talk about it and that he’s “done”, he was quoted by a national English daily saying “There has been much pressure on me in the past few days. It has spoiled my health. I want to rest at home now.”

RSS spokesman Manmohan Vaidya confirmed the news of Singh’s removal and told ET: “It was a decision made by the UP unit of the Sangh and not because of any pressure. The Sangh doesn’t work under pressure from anyone.”

Dinesh Kumar, a Sangh member in Aligarh, parroted the line Singh has taken and said, “He was unwell. That is why we removed him.” This came even as one of theBJP leaders TOI spoke to said, “The main reason behind this move was Rajeshwar’s unnecessary comments. He came with comments that threatened the communal harmony of the country – like converting all to Hinduism by 2021.”

Former RSS vibhag pracharak pramukh Rajeev Agarwal, now associated with the BJP, said, “The change in posts is normal. He will be entrusted with some other responsibility.” Interestingly, there are indications now that Singh will be entrusted with the job of identifying Muslims who have Hindu roots so that they can be talked into coming back to the Hindu fold.

Satyaprakash Navman, a Dharam Jagran Samiti leader said, “There is not just the ghar wapsiprogramme that we do. There are many other campaigns that we have to do in the Sangh. A team of pracharaks will meet in Cuttack in a month or so to decide on his (Singh’s) next responsibility. Singh can be entrusted with the work of vanshawali, which means identification of Muslim families that have Hindu ancestors, thus creating awareness among them about their roots.”

The Dharam Jagran Samiti, angry at the action against Singh, made its displeasure open. Kanshinath Bansal, a Samiti leader, said, “Dissociation is Sangh’s way of working. First the Sangh gives us orders to go ahead withghar wapsi, and when things go out of hand they withdraw their support. We become the bad boys.” Navman butted in to say that the Sangh was sheep in lion’s clothing.

But all may not be over for Singh, 55, who has been an RSS pracharak since 1996. Sources in the Samiti said he will be conducting 100yagyasand then an Ashwamedhayagya. 

Singh made news last year in August when he converted 72 Valmiki families to Christianity in Asroi at a ghar wapsi event. In Asroi, a church had then been converted into a temple, a Shiva picture replacing the Cross. Later he conducted another “reconversion” in Hasayan. In December, when 200 Muslim families were converted to Hinduism in Agra, he announced he will hold a bigger ghar wapsi event at Maheshwari College in Aligarh on Christmas day, 2014, putting the Narendra Modi government at the centre in great discomfort. The Opposition had latched on to the controversy and raised the issue for almost two weeks in Parliament, forcing the NDA government to send out signals that Hindutvas hotheads need to be reined in.