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BANGALORE: AJ Sadashiva Commission of Inquiry has favoured providing internal reservation (reclassification of 15% reservation amongst the sub-sects) broadly classifying the 101 sub-sects of SC/STs in the state into four groups. This is to ensure that the benefits of welfare schemes reach all the needy.

In its 200-page report submitted to chief minister D V Sadananda Gowda on Thursday, the commission, set up to review distribution of reservation benefits among various SC/ST groups, has found the benefits of reservation and of welfare schemes in Karnataka were reaching only a few groups among the SCs and STs, and several other sub-sects were the worst affected as a result.

But the rider here is that the Karnataka government has little role to play in creating the internal reservation. Quoting a recent court verdict, Justice Sadashiva said ” Presently, the reservation benefits meant for SC/STs are being cornered by a section of powerful sub-sects belonging to the right wing. As a constitutional amendment is required to Article 341, only Parliament is empowered to do so,” he added.

Keeping this in view, he said the commission in its report recommendsed that state government should insist Parliament make amendments to bring out the changes at the earliest.

As per the commission’s recommendations, the 101 sub-sects of SC/STs in Karnataka should be broadly divided into four categories — left wing (who identify with former dy PM Babu Jagjivanram), right wing (with BR Ambedkar and Buddhism), other SCs and touchables. Of the 15 % reservation extended to SC/STs, the commission recommends 6% reservation for the left wing, 5% for right, 1% for other SCs and 3% for touchables.

Justice Sadashiva said these recommendations were made following a feedback from 96 lakh SC/STs in the state. The commission had undertaken a major exercise conducting door-to-door survey of 101 categories of SCs, to determine their backwardness. For this, a comprehensive 195-question format was prepared, which took almost a year. The queries pertained to educational, cultural and economic background of families, and also the extent of reservation availed by them.

However, the survey brought out one interesting fact. Of the 96 lakh SC/STs, about six lakh people declined to identify their sub-caste. Probably these people are those untouchables who are yet to come out of the age-old social stigma,” Justice Sadashiva said.

After accepting the report, CM Sadananda Gowda said the government will examine and study the report before tabling it in the House.


AJ Sadashiva Commission of Inquiry will go into the annals of Karnataka history as the longest-serving inquiry commission in Karnataka, and the reason is not because the panel was unable to meet the deadline, but sheer apathy of governments of the day – since Sept, 25,2005 – to provide necessary inputs to get the commission going. Justice Sadashiva said he has dedicated five pages in the report to explain the ordeal. Though the commission was formed in 2005 under the Dharam Singh government, it got down to work in 2010 after former CM B S Yeddyurappa released Rs 11.12 crore.


* Of the 96 lakh people identified during the survey, 33.47% belong to left wing, 32% to right wing, 4.5% to other SCs and 23.64 % touchables

* There are about 1.58 lakh SC/ST government employees in Karnataka

* There are 20.54 lakh SC/ST households in Karnataka

* In Karnataka, SC/STs together tip the population scale at 22.7%

* About 6 lakh SC/STs refused to identify their sub-castes during survey

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