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Shah Rukh Khan’s car was pelted with stones and his effigies were burnt on Sunday as he and co-star Mahira Khan filmed at Sarkhej Roza in Ahmedabad.

In Kutch, Vishva Hindu Parishad (VHP) and Bajrang Dal’s workers protested against SRK, – his statements on intolerance in November 2015 being the major issue.

The crew ensured the shoot wasn’t disrupted. Around 4 am on Sunday, 15-16 bikers pelted stones on the actor’s Mercedes car parked at Hyatt Regency on Ahmedabad’s Ashram Road, where the actor is staying. When the hotel security tried to stop them, the troublemakers fled. After the incident, security for SRK and the crew has been beefed up until the Ahmedabad schedule wraps up. A police complaint was lodged against unknown people.

V G Rathod, Police Inspector at Vadaj police station, told Mirror, “We have completed the initial investigation and are trying to track down the guys responsible. We have recovered the CCTV footage, but the miscreants covered their faces.”

Inspector Rathod stated that the hooligans were stationed outside the hotel since Saturday night and damaged the rear windshield of the Mercedes.

Later in the day, police identified one of the accused. Nilesh Arya, a young and active member of the VHP, was present along with 15-16 others. He was arrested under IPC 143, 147, 336 and 188 sections.

Around 2.30 pm on Sunday, 17 members of the BJP Yuva Morcha, led by Kunjal Shah, burned Shah Rukh Khan’s effigy and shouted protests outside the hotel. They were arrested at around 5.30 pm under section 188.

Meanwhile, Shah Rukh and Pakistani actress Mahira Khan, who makes her big Bollywood debut with ‘Raees,’ -shot at the beautiful monument of Sarkhej Roza.

SRK was dressed in a pristine white Pathani suit and Mahira looked lovely in a red Patiala suit. They filmed a nikaah scene at the heritage site. Fans who had gathered in and around Roza expected SRK to come out to offer namaaz but were disappointed. All the doors to the Roza were closed and devotees were stuck, waiting to get inside for prayers. One of them climbed up the gate and argued with the security, saying, “Namaaz and not Shah Rukh Khan is important for us.”