They say what they believe is right, unlike the liberals who discuss child labour and exploitation of tribals in Jharkhand over tea served by an underage tribal girl from Jharkhand.


The Indian liberal class stands exposed today. One statement of purpose and intent by a holy man, and the liberals gets their lingerie caught in a twist on Twitter and Facebook. Who will protect Hinduism if not the holy men? Islam is perpetually in danger; who will protect Islam if not the ulema? The number of Christians is sliding in Christian-majority nations. Who will protect Christianity, if not the evangelical pastors? Sakshi Maharaj is a holy man, who wears the designated saffron robe and wants Hindus to multiply, so that he doubles the margin of victory in the next election. All politicians want the same.

Calling an elected member of Parliament a lunatic is indirectly saying that people, who run our country, do so from a mental asylum. This is an assault on our democracy. This aggression will not stand.

Sakshi Maharaj is an irate Hindu; he wants to procreate, but he cannot, because that will sully his sacred saffron robe, so he exhorts others to do it. He was once charged with rape. The courts duly discharged him. He is not into criminality. He doesn’t want to dirty his own hands. He is a true copy of the moderate Muslim. He doesn’t like the way Muslims are increasingly being seen, but finds himself too upwardly mobile to dirty his hands fixing things. He just exhorts Muslims to pursue education and come out of the grip of the ulema. He is the typical urban Indian liberal. He hates the dirt and garbage all around, wants the polity and his city clean but doing it with his/her own hands will sully his/her crisply pressed cotton/chiffon robes. Sakshi Maharaj is the every-Indian. He wants Hindu women to produce four children each because he doesn’t have the essential child-manufacturing hub called a womb. Science has failed him here, and Vedic Science has been mocked out of contention.


Sushma Swaraj told NRIs that the Make In India initiative wants India to become a manufacturing hub. Sakshi Maharaj slightly differs in the process, and we have a storm in the Twitter cup. This is confusing the hell out of women, who the holy books have always said are here to produce children, preferably sons. Doodho nahao, pooto phalo means bathe in milk and bear sons. Another honourable member of Parliament, Asaduddin Owaisi has said that every child is born a Muslim. Imagine the predicament of a Hindu woman today! You are asked to produce four children to strengthen the Hindu population, and all four are born Muslims. If you dislike Owaisi’s statement, be warned that he didn’t say it. The holy book has it. India is a secular country, where religious books are more important than people’s lives. Don’t damn the believer Owaisi quoting what he believes because you are unwittingly damning a holy book. Not kosher, in a secular country. Condemn women, men, children of all religions, but do not insult the religion. Gita, Quran, Bible etc are all above criticism. I, at least, won’t do it.

Like other Indian liberals, I will throw stones at Sakshi Maharaj and Asaduddin Owaisi. At least they have the scrotal fortitude to say what they believe is wrong, even if they do not have the rectal rectitude to rectify it themselves. Unlike the Indian liberal class, who will not hear a word against religion, and the idiocy and hatred that it breeds because secularism means respecting all religions. If push comes to shove, you can criticise their cultural wings. Let them kill at will in massacres called religious riots, as long as they don’t hurt religious sentiments. We, as religious beings, want to protect imaginary things, and for that we will sacrifice the real beings. You defile Baba Saheb’s real work called the Constitution, but never defile my family’s favourite babaji’s book.


Talking of babas, have you noticed that most of these controversial ascetics happen to be non-Brahmins? Sakshi Maharaj, Sadhvi Niranjan Jyoti, Ramdev, once Uma Bharti, Baba Rampal… the list just keeps getting longer. Over the ages, Brahmins have mastered the art of asceticism and grown out of it. They can handle it the way Rajinikanth handles explosives. It’s these new non-professional babas who are putting their feet in the facial orifice. An old Hindi saying goes something like this: New ascetics have matted hair coming out of their rear orifice. Naya namaazi, khuda le behaal. Roughly translated to namaz newbies hear the azaan ten times a day!