Why Article 377 be preserved
Anandshankar Pandya


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The recent bold stand taken by the Supreme Court on gay sex rejecting UPA government’s review plea is a milestone in preserving the values of the country. The Court had earlier also upheld Article 377, which prescribes life sentence to homosexual couples calling it unnatural and a great crime.


The Homosexuals call Article 377 as violation of their fundamental rights. Hence the question arises, whether contacting AIDS through gay activities, engaging in prostitution, earning money through corruption or smoking and drinking are fundamental rights? In the name of democratic tolerance, West has been sowing the seeds of immoral sex and debauchery. There is saying ‘way to hall is paved with good intentions, this is what is happening today.


How long a society with such degraded fundamental rights can survive? India with its urdhvagami (rising up) sanskriti has survived for 5000 years when many great civilisations have gone to oblivion. Indian culture shows the path of eternal bliss instead of short term sensual pleasures. And this is the message of India to the world.


Fundamental rights are those which uplift mankind instead of degrading it. Many civilisations based on sensual pleasure are today nowhere in existence. In western countries the supreme aim of life is enjoying all the carnal pleasures to the maximum. They have no concept of self control (Atma Saiyam, and indriya nigrah) After all what is homosexuality. It is acquiring maximum pleasure in a sexual act. There is no love and no idealism. In the West each generation wants more and more sexual freedom, where wife swapping parties are eagerly sought after, people attending dance parties look for a one night partner. Should India imitate it?


People like LGBTS and others who want to have that sexual enjoyment facility in India, are working towards that end, with the result that dirty sex like rape is playing around in the country, with increasing rapidity. In India though kings kept many wives but for the common man one wife was always the norm. Hence in order to avoid any boredom in sex life of a couple Vatsyayan in his famous book Kamasutra, now being read in the West, has shown 84 postures in sexual activity for continuous and lively change in which no immorality is involved. Yet many such aberrations though tolerated are not part of Hinduism.


The majority country has rightly announced homosexuality an unnatural act. Even animals do not indulge in it. It is also immoral. Hence in many countries a marriage can be only between male and female only. Here a question arises that as in a same sex marriage one cannot procreate progeny they have to adopt a child from otherwise in old age, who is going to look after them. If everybody in the world goes for same sex marriage, no children will be born, hence this life style is against the plan of human existence.


Again a big drawback and anomaly of homosexuality is that it gives rise to a dangerous disease like AIDS and is an antithesis of family institution which in fact is the genesis of civilisation, and has produced great men like Buddha, Mahavira, Vivekananda, Ravindra-nath Tagore and many other noble persons around the world. Is this possible in a homosexual society? Hence it is obligatory to put a stop in further expansion of homosexuality. It is astonishing that 400 institutions are engaged in removing Article 377 but none is interested in eradicating drinking, smoking, prostitution etc. because this is an age of exuberant freedom of sex which is against the Hindu way of life in which self restraint is the aim of life giving permanent happiness and bliss.


Rishis ordained brahma-charya ashram in which a student has to lead a sex free life for 25 years, resulting in great personal velour and mental power. They could recite the whole Vedas by memory. According to Hinduism self restraint (atmasaiyam) is the basis of all progress. That is why Indians going to America have progressed there in all walks of life. President Obama had to say, ‘I want more and more Indians to settle in America and help in its progress’. Greek visitor Megasthenese and Chinese visitor Faheyam have described in detail the glory of amasing wealth and spiritual advancement that was India.


In India family life is based on mutual faith, love and respect for the entire life. The couple derives great happiness from their children which same sex couple cannot comprehend. All this is due to the disciplined sex of Hinduism. According to Swami Vivekananda, India is a land of Dharma in which Bhaktiyog, Gyanyog and Karmayog emancipate a person’s life. Hence after a slavery of 700 hundred years when much of the wealth of India was looted and financial institutions destroyed and the country ultimately achieved independence through nonviolence of Mahatma Gandhi, then within a short span of 50 years only business community of India with decent family back ground, respected sexual habits and traditional genius generated immense wealth by establishing big industries and exporting its product abroad bringing valuable foreign exchange and subsequently also buying big foreign companies we have also preserved our moral character which unfortunately is under great pressure today from western culture. We hear disgusting stories of sexual adventures of famous political leaders of the America which we in India dare not indulge in.


Taking into account all these factors Supreme Court rightly wants to preserve the Article 377Supreme Court rightly wants to preserve the Article 377.


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