meenaPersonal experiences of the demonetisation kind.

By -Meena Seshu
So, SANGRAM runs HIV targeted interventions with sex workers, MSM and TG for MSACS [Maharashtra State AIDS Control Society. MSACS announced that the Sangli TI and the Satara TI staff will have to go for training from Wednesday 16/11/2016 at Aurangabad and Thane respectively.

Only problem is we have no money.

The banks gave 2000 Rs each on Tuesday. This is not enough to go to Aurangabad/Thane and back. The staff have accounts with the Laxmi Mahila Cooperative Bank, Sangli, that does not HAVE an ATM facility.

Now, Government does not give cash reimbursement its always done by bank, post expenditure which means no cash, post meeting either. So we wrote to MSACS and said we have no money, besides bus company does not take cheques etc etc…..

MSACS Additional Director TI calls this morning and says to a community worker [ who recorded the same on their mobile, did you know this can be done???] the conversation verbatim translated from Marathi goes thus…

ADTI – Hello, Is this Rajender speaking?
Santosh – No this is Santosh.
ADTI – Santosh is it? Ok. It’s the Sangli Ti no? SANGRAM wala?
Santosh – Yes, Yes.
ADTI – Did you go for the training?
Santosh – We did not go.
ADTI – Why?
Santosh – We were not able to book tickets.
ADTI – What was the problem with booking tickets? Are there no buses available in your town?
Santosh – Buses are available but they refused to take a cheque.
ADTI – Do you mean to say you have no money at all?
Santosh – Yes.
ADTI – But we released your fund.
Santosh – That is right, but the banks are not giving us the money.
ADTI – Do you not have ATM?
Santosh – It’s the NGO Bank account.
ADTI – Do you not have personal ATMs?
Santosh – We bank with a cooperative bank that does not have ATM facility. They are only giving 2000 Rs. notes per person.
ADTI – All the Ti’s have not gone from Sangli?
Santosh – We are the only one here.
ADTI – Has Satara TI gone?
Santosh – No.
ADTI – Ok. Your further grant will not be released.
Santosh – What?
ADTI – Your grant will not be released. …… You still don’t have money to go?
Santosh – hmm.
ADTI – You better go and attend the next day training at least.
Santosh – I will call and let you know.
ADTI – You better do that.

Abhi kya bolen??