on February 27, 2015 5:31 pm



A newspaper report in Doha revealed that an Indian teacher had to lose her job after posting an allegedly offensive cartoon of Prime Minister Narendra Modi on her Facebook page.

Parents lodged a complaint to the school management against the post. The school reportedly conducted an internal investigation against the teacher who then quit, The daily Peninsula said.

“I didn’t create the caricature nor did I post it to insult Modi. I just used it to protest against what has been happening back home,” the teacher, who was not named, said to the Peninsula, adding that she received threats on her Facebook page after her post. Indians living in Doha were upset with the cartoon as they thought it was an insult to the Prime Minister.

The teacher was asked to quit since she used the school’s name and logo with her Facebook post, the school management told PTI. “Being a teacher she shouldn’t have posted such a derogatory caricature on her Facebook account. A teacher is a role model for the entire society,” a senior official from school told PTI.