Seeking justice for Gurpreet, Jamshedpur residents take out candle march

Jamshedpur, : Residents of Jamshedpur led by All India Sikh Students Federation (AISSF) East India president Satnam Singh Gambhir took out a candle march in the city on Friday evening demanding fair probe behind the killing of Sikh youth Gurpreet Singh.

21-year-old Gurpreet was allegedly killed by car borne Rohit Mahanto on the wee hours of Sunday in New Delhi. Gurpreet had succumbed to serious injuries on Wednesday.

Protestors in large number from different parts of the city assembled at Sakchi Gurudwara and took out a march which traversed through different parts of the city.

The protestors also urged the Delhi Chief Minister for prompt action in this matter.

Expressing sorrow and disappointment at the ruthless killing of Gurpreet Singh, Satnam Singh Gambhir said, ‘the incident is termed as an incident of road rage which is utter nonsense when it is clear from the statement of Gurpreet Singh’s friend and other victim that it was a crime committed out of hatred’.

According to Gurpreet’s friend Maninder, Mahanto attacked them after they objected from hurling cigarette puff on them, said Gambhir.

He further said that the question rises why it took 3 days and Sikh Organisation’s pressure for the police to register FIR against the shameless being who calls himself Rohit Krishna Mahanto.

AISSF president went on to say that very often we hear that “smoking kills” but now its “smoker kills”, it’s a sad day for India a shame for the country that a young person is killed because he protested against a smoker not to smoke on his face.