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Summary given below: 

Summary of the Status of Respondents 

The annual income of 73.1% of the families is below Rs.50,000

55.3% have married before the age of 18.

46.5% of the women surveyed have 1 or 2 children

53.2% of the surveyed women have faced domestic violence

78.7% of the women are home makers

95.5%, i.e., 4499 women have not heard of the All India Muslim Personal Law Board.         


Summary of the Findings Of The Study

Age of marriage 

75.5% women want age of marriage to be above 18 years for girls

88.3% women want age of marriage to be above 21 years for boys



85.7% want mehr to be given at the time of marriage

83.9% want his annual income to be the mehr amount

75.1% do not want woman to forego her mehr if she is giving khula



91.7% do not want their husbands to marry another woman in the subsistence of first marriage



92.1% want a total ban on oral/unilateral divorce

88.3% want talaak-e-Ahsan to be the method of divorce

93% want arbitration process to be mandatory before divorce

72.3% want the arbitration process to be between 3 to 6 months

88.5% want the qazi to be punished who sends notice of oral divorce


Custody and adoption of children 

88.9% want women to retain the custody of children after divorce

95.6% want ex-husband to pay for children’s maintenance even if she holds their custody

92.7% want consent and well being of the child to be the deciding factor for custody

79.8% want the adopted child to be treated as a natural heir to the property


Codification and Darul Qazas

83.3% believe that codification of Muslim family law will help Muslim women get justice

87.9% feel that the activities of the darul qazas should be monitored by the state

95.4% want Muslim women to provide legal aid