Christmas Eve last year, Vivek Sharma and Mahendra Singh, two then-second year students of the National Law School of India University, anonymously sent a parcel with two oranges and a note that said “You know what I mean!!! Use it, feel it #FeelBig #BigDreamDiaries From- BigPlanet.Com”, to their female batchmate, making a clear reference to her breasts.

When confronted by her and a couple of her friends, they confessed to having done it, but insisted that it was only a prank.

They later sent out a public statement consisting of both a confession and an apology, which they later withdrew in its entirety once she had filed a Sexual Harassment complaint against them.


However, they continued to slut shame their victim throughout the pendency of the proceedings.


In an order dated 17th January 2018, the SHIC (Sexual Harassment Inquiry Committee) held there was not sufficient evidence to convict them, but stated categorically that if any additional evidence were to surface, the SHIC would continue proceedings against the two perpetrators.

Today in a brazen display of shamelessness, a picture of one of the perpetrators (Vivek) holding two oranges was circulated amongst the men in their batch.

Anyone who spoke out against it was subject to a display of aggression by the second perpetrator (Mahendra).

This shows that not only are they unashamed of their actions, but consider it something to be proud of and celebrated.


The impunity with which sexual harassers roam on campus is unacceptable and reflective of a culture where violence against women is tolerated.

( This post has been republished from the facebook post of by-  Mukta Joshi)