A Delhi-based female journalist working for a Guwahati news channel, Assam Talks, has filed a complaint of sexual assault and sexual abuse against two senior journalists.

The 35-year-old journalist has alleged that her Editor-in-Chief, Atanu Bhuyan, tried to force her to sleep with an Assam political leader when he visited a Delhi hotel, according to The North East Today.


The journalist, who was working as a news correspondent for the channel from August 2015 to Dec 2015, has accused that Atanu Bhuyan had on several occasions indulged in vulgar talks over the phone and expressed his desire to have physical relationship with her. She has complained that Atanu Bhuyan has also instructed her to give company to male bosses of the channel when they visit her city of residence.

A case has been registered against the accused in Rajouri Garden Police Station of Delhi under the FIR number: 0067/16 under section- 376/354/509/34 on 9th of January based on the complaint filed by the female journalist.

The FIR reads: “Shri Atanu Bhuyan would call me on the telephone during office hours as well as in odd hours and in the midst of issuing instructions, would tell me to give company to the male bosses of Assam Talks when they visit……Atanu Bhuyan would make cheap and vulgar talks about his desire to have sex with me…..Shri Atanu Bhuyan told me on telephone in the last week of November, 2015 that he would come to Delhi in Dec, 2015 and I should accompany him to Srinagar and that both of us will have fun while staying in hotel together…..”

The journalist in another complaint to the Delhi Commission for Women has stated that when she complained about Atanu Bhuyan to the owner of the Channel and Assam Minister Rokibul Hussain, instead of taking any action against the accused, Rokibul Hussain, gave him the liberty to sack her from her job.

The journalist has also named another Delhi based journalist Luit Neil Don, Delhi Correspondent of another Guwahati based news channel – News Live of harassing her physically and sexually on the promise of marriage.

Reportedly, a team of Delhi police has arrived in Guwahati on Thursday to investigate into the matter. It is alleged by the complainant that both the accused are on the run.

Despite best efforts, both the persons accused could not be contacted. However sources close to the journalist has claimed that this was a conspiracy to tarnish the image of the Editor- in-Chief.

(TNT News)