All newspapers backedo ut to report the sexual harassment by the Meghalaya Governor, only Highland Post did and now reporter is under pressure



Jan 23, A woman was manhandled  following  an interview with the Governor at Raj Bhavan  on the pretetx of rewrading her with a job

The woman was one of the  seven candidadtes  selected for the personal interview  for the post of Public Relation Offcier (PRO) with  Governor V Shanmuganathan.

She wascalled by the Governor on Decemebr 87 asking  her to come and meet her at 7pm for which she attended  in good faith only to be allegedly molested y him.
Unknown to her was that another candidate Emordini Thangkhiew was officially informed over telephone by the Raj Bhavan secretariat of her being appointed at the public relation officer (PRO) on Decemeber 7, 2016

According to the woman the Governor allegedly made personal questions on her having a relationship and compared her to a bollywoodd actress

The governor allegedly made advacnes by hugging and kissing her to even offering her ‘ part time or a full time job’ inside the Raj Bhavan.
It was dirty hug and i felt disgusted . I just feel so violated , she described . even as she said that she ahd gone to the Raj Bhavan expecting it was aprofesisonal setting. ; I went witha clear conscience thinking it is a proper working enviornment’. she added
She sa id the incident took place in afancy room of the Raj Bhavan , and no staff was present at that time
The woman said she was not aware that Thangkhiew was selected for the job , only after seeing her entry made outside the Raj Bhavan security Gate.

Thangkhiew was also personally called by by the Governor asking her to meet him at 6 pm. ‘ Therefore soon after I left the Raj Bhawan I called Thangkhiew and narrated the incident tonwhich she also said itw as weird’, she added.

The woman also called up another candidate and sicne she did nto respond sent he rmessage describing about the entire incident While Thangkhiew described the meeting ‘ weird’ and Governor mad epersonal quesions , she said, ‘ It is so sad to think that I Thought it was because I was good…. I dont know he selected by something else..

Following the incident Thangkhiew had verbally declined the job , yet she joined on December 21, 2016.

On October 26,  the secretary ot the Governor  had written letter (No GEGE08/1326,2016) to the under secretary chief minsiter’s secretariat seeking the list of candidadtes who appeared for the written test and qualified for the post of PRO in the offic eof Chief Minsyter which was held on Decmebr 4, 2016

Going by the list the Raj Bhawan Secretariat called ten candidates for interveiw on Novemebr 7, 2016 and five male candidates on November 8, 2016.Following the interview five female and two male candidates were selected for the second round of interview which was conducted on november 28 , 2016

The panel comprised of Shangpliang, Under Secretary and the Governor A Lakiang and DIPR Deputy Director Caesor Passah . Based on the interview the Governor personally took the Interview on Decemebr 7, 2016

It was very awkward for the Governor to take perosnal interveiw for a PRO’s post for starters’, a male candidate said adding that he was leats bothered on what he had to say about his assignment he had given during the interview. ‘”He kept fiddling with stuffs on his table and looked disinterested in us ” he stated.

He said the seating arrangement raised the male candidate’s ‘ alarm’ when the male can didates were asked to sit in the corner and said he was sure teh candidadte was selected after he offered Thangkhiew to have a cup of coffee when she asked him how his experience as a Governor was.