I will ask our boys to go and rape CPM women: TMC MP Tapas Pal

In a shocking revelation, actor and TMC MP Tapas Pal was caught on tape threatening to let loose rapists on his opposition, during a speech in a Choumaha village in West Bengal.

The MP from Krishnanagar said in the video, “If anyone from opposition or their wives and sisters are here, then listen up, if any one of your people touch anyone from TMC I will destroy you, I will not spare them. I will send my boys and they will rape people.”

Tapas Pal. Ibnlive

Tapas Pal. Ibnlive

He was also heard saying, “My name is Tapas Pal. If any one touches any TMC person I will make sure they are dead. I walk around with ‘maal’. ‘Maal’ means revolver. If any CPM person touches anyone in the Choumaha village I will make sure they are destroyed. I will burn their houses down.”

Pal went on to say, “I now live in Krishnanagar. No one can harm my workers. A leader is made only because of his workers, and if anyone harms my workers I will kill them. I will pull the trigger myself.”

Meanwhile the Congress hit out at the Mamata Banerjee government. Senior Congress leader Pradeep Bhattacharya said, “I cannot believe herself being a woman how Mamata Banerjee can allow a man like Tapas Pal to be in the party. He should be sacked immediately.”

The Trinamool Congress also was quick to react. MP Derek O’Brien said, “The statement were made 6 to 7 weeks ago. But that is no excuse. The party does not encourage or support such comments.”

However, speaking to CNN-IBN, Pal refuted the charges saying he never used the word rape. “I never used the word rape, I said raid instead. I am open to any probe, wrong to accuse me of me beng irresponsible,” he said.

TMC, was quick to distance itself from the controversy stirred up by its MP.

TMC leader Derek O’Brien said, “Statements made by Mr Tapas Pal are very insensitive. We do not in any way endorse what he said.”

And, West Bengal Education Minister Partha Chatterjee said, “Where did he say this? I will have to check. If he has said this, then the party does not support such remarks.”

Opposition parties have come down thundering on the TMC and its chief Mamata Banerjee over the issue. The CPM said that it would approach the National Commission for Women and Lok Sabha Speaker on the issue. Party leader Brinda Karat said, ” This is completely unacceptable, Lok Sabha speaker must take suo motu note of the remark. Why is Bengal CM who is so vocal on all issue is silent on this.”

State Congress too reacted strongly to the incident as party president Adhir Ranjan Chowdhury said, “I feel ashamed, I strongly condemn this rape remark.”

The National Commission for Women has demanded Pal’s resignation. NCW chief Mamata Sharma said, “He should resign. This is a very unfortunate statement. CM Mamata Banerjee should take action against him, he should be suspended.”

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