The fact that the press is not reporting on the continuing violent rhetoric at Donald Trump’s rallies reflects an acceptance that is deeply troubling. Thankfully, today the New York Times posted a video “Unfiltered: Voices from Trump’s Crowds,” that captures the tone of the language used at Trump rallies, language that often revolves around hatred and violence, and is filled with crude slurs.

What we seem to have here is a case of the normalization of the deplorable. It is a sinister sight to watch. Masses of people shout racial slurs against Hispanics and our black President, they call for the lynching of Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton, and they hurl anti-LGBTQ epithets.

It’s disturbing that Trump’s outrages are so frequent that the mob atmosphere at his rallies is evidently no longer terribly “newsworthy.” While Benghazi and emails remain part of everyday reporting over the months, journalists don’t remind us of Trump’s earlier incitements.

The mob outbursts and the incitements have become routine, part of the furniture — sort of like Trump’s remarkable 70-year-old hair, no longer worthy of comment. Another day, another deplorable outburst, either from the candidate or his deplorables or both.

Trump supporters with the confederate flag. | Getty
Trump supporters with the confederate flag. | Getty

The media has to stop taking mob violence for granted. Trump has styled himself as the only viable outlet for hatred that has been teeming under the surface for years. And the danger for the republic is evident. If outbursts of violence, as of venom, fade into the hush of background noise, the deplorables have won.

Watch the full video here (this footage includes vulgarities and racial and ethnic slurs.)

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