Pratik Sinha December 18, 2013
narendra modi mansi soni madhur amit shah gl singhal stalkingAfter Snoopgate, Modiji has gone back to older methods of snooping now.The Singhal tapes that came into the public domain via Cobra post brought out the startling revelation of the month-long 24×7 snooping of Mansi Soni, her entire family and the then Commissioner of Bhavnagar Municipality, Shri Pradeep Sharma. The debates and discussions however focused more on the staggering dimensions of the stalking and tapping been carried out by Gujarat ATS and other police agencies.

A careful examination of the snoopgate tapes would however disclose a startling fact which has escaped everybody’s attention so far – that Gujarat CM Narendra Modi himself was conducting a secondary line of surveillance by getting Mansi Soni’s phone calls tapped/recorded/archived through the then IG of CID Intelligence (State) Shri Arun K Sharma. The responsibility of the primary line of surveillance – that of physically stalking and snooping Mansi Soni, her family and Pradeep Sharma throughout the period between 4th August to 8th September, 2009 was entrusted to Amit Shah. Amit Shah in turn used the agency of ATS, Crime Branch and Central IB through ACP GL Singhal (GLS). GL Singhal recorded all of Amit Shah’s instructions over multiple phone calls and handed over the audio tapes to CBI.

The independent line of surveillance that “Saheb” had undertaken is revealed by Amit Shah himself who chided GL Singhal on 9th August, 2009, for not doing the job of tracking Mansi properly. This is what Amit Shah said:

Amit Shah: I talked to Saheb and he got to know from someone that they did go outside twice. I think our men are not watching properly.
G.L.Singhal: Yes sir

“Saheb” was thus getting his own information from another source and Saheb was admonishing Amit Shah for the lapse in stalking by Singhal for missing the girl twice when she went out.

On 10th August, 2009, Amit Shah received another piece of information from “Saheb” that Mansi Soni was going out for lunch with some boy. Amit Shah then instructed Singhal to follow the girl:

Amit Shah: Today they are going out for lunch in a hotel.
G.L. Singhal: Right.. right
Amit Shah: Saheb received a phone about this.
G.L. Singhal: Ok.. ok..
Amit Shah: So watch out as she is going with someone.
G.L. Singhal: Sir..
Amit Shah: It is the boy who is coming to see her.
G.L. Singhal: Ok.. ok..
Amit Shah:The fact is that Saheb gets all the information, so the thing is that our loopholes might get found out.
G.L. Singhal: Of course..of course

Where was “Saheb” getting all information from? Another clipping between IG Arun K Sharma and ACP GL Singhal answers this question:

IG: who is the boy ?
G.L.S: sir, there is one boy aged 30-32.
IG: Then I think that must be his voice because that voice was a bit doubtful.. and..he said that he would eat together. He was talking about lunch.
G.L.S: yes..yes
IG: He said that they would eat together.
G.L.S:right sir, sir if we take the number then location could be tracked.. of
IG: problem..Airtel ?
G.L.S: sir Bhavnagar number.
IG: ok..yes
G.L.S: we will come to know the exact location and his movement
IG: okay let me enquire about it. I was doubtful about the voice but I have sent it to Saheb
G.L.S: ok..
IG: Because I was doubtful about the voice but I sent it to saheb in CD.
G.L.S: yes..yes.

The highlighted bits in the above conversation between Singhal and IG Arun K Sharma clearly establish that it was Arun Sharma who was sending audio recordings of the phone calls of the girl with others to the Chief Minister and thus keeping the CM abreast of every activity of the girl. This was being done by tapping-recording-archiving the phone calls of Mansi Soni with any others at the Head Quarters of CID Intelligence by A K Sharma. These recordings were being sent to the Chief Minister on a day to day basis. This exercise was done throughout August.

On 19.08.2009, Amit received a message from Saheb that the girl was suppose to leave; this is what he said:

Amit Shah: This evening the person is supposed to leave. That is the info with Sahib, I mean…
G.L.Singhal: Yes Sir… the lady isn’t it sir?

On 22nd August, CM had already received information that the girl was going to leave by the evening flight which he let Amit Shah know. CM was also getting extremely impatient to get more information from the physical stalkers – Amit Shah and GL Singhal. The following dialogues between Amit and G L Singhal are very clear on this issue:

Amit Shah: Any further leads?
G.L. Singhal: No sir, I have told him he will check and revert
Amit Shah: No because Saheb, has been calling repeatedly
Amit Shah: Can we have somebody sent in the flight to Mumbai
G.L. Singhal: Hmm…
Amit Shah: Saheb has solid information of some activity so better put somebody on the flight
G.L. Singhal: Yes sir…very well sir I will send somebody

In fact a new tape, of a conversation that happened on the evening of 22nd August, 2009, reveals Amit Shah candidly admitting that Saheb had far better information about the snooping than he or the entire police team had. Amit said, “Saheb somehow gets to know everything…”

This is a new tape not available in public domain yet, where you can hear Amit Shah saying “Saheb ne hari khabar to padij jaay che”, the English translation being “Saheb somehow gets to know everything…”. All other conversations quoted above are already in the cobra-post revelation. The new tape and its entire transcript is posted below.

Amit Shah: Hello
GLS: Sir
Amit Shah: Do you have any information?
GLS: No Sir. Those people are there itself. The location of the girl at 8:45 is still in Bangalore.
Amit Shah: Do find out who all came to meet these people, please find out and who else is coming? Keep a watch
GLS: Yes Sir Yes Sir.
Amit Shah: Somehow Saheb comes to know everything.
GLS: Sir Sir
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