March 1, 2021 – Punjab Women Collective in collaboration with launched a social media  campaign  today  supporting the Farmers Protest  called #KnowYourShaheed, a series to recognise the farmers who have died during the ongoing farmer protest.

We all know the famers protest has enacted Gandhi’s conception of non-violence, crafting an alternative conception of sovereignty, another space grounded in shahadat or martyrdom. The idea of shahadat or martyrdom has come to us from the Semitic traditions. Conceptually it means being a witness to truth.

The two currents – Gandhian and Sikh – have come together in the contemporary Indian  Farmers movement as  they have protested peacefully for more than  three months.  Their strength lies in that they have created another  space to counter the masculinist, repressive and vengeful sovereignty currently being asserted by the Indian state. Theirs is a space grounded in dialogue and discussion with decisions being taken with the mutual consent of   various Farmer unions .

The defining moments of non-violent struggle happen when those who control state power effectively want obedience and don’t care for the true power that comes from voluntary participation by the citizenry. Non-violent protests become unbeatable by constantly seeking new ways to deepen their resolve and reaffirming faith in possibilities we cannot immediately actualise.

This social media campaign is  an attempt to pay homage to these unsung heroes who left their homes to support a cause they believed in. We can never repay their sacrifices. 

We will never forget!!

Every day we will share  a post #KnowyourShaheed

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We would like to Know more about our Shaheed farmers, if anyone has more information on their lives please do email [email protected]