‘Dreaming is a big thing for us’

Posted On June 18, 2023

A selection of the best news reports, analysis and opinions published by ThePrint this week.

Muktendra Kumar from Bijnor district secured 819th rank in the UPSC exam, making him eligible for an IRS posting. His next goal is IAS.

Reports Nootan Sharma.

Aliens in Ajanta, Sita in Peru. RedFM show is rewriting Indian history, Hinduism

The India Classified radio show has 81 episodes and each boast of an impressive listenership—ranging between 50,000 and 1 lakh, reports Antara Baruah.

National Exit Test 2023 for medical students to be likely conducted by AIIMS, health ministry nod awaited

National Medical Commission wants AIIMS to hold the test, which is envisaged as a comprehensive exam for MBBS finals, NEET-PG & licentiate test for foreign medical graduates to practice in India, reports Sumi Sukanya Dutta.

I am an Indian Muslim watching Pakistan fall apart. I am glad my family didn’t migrate in 1947

If the Muslims of 1947 had the foresight to understand the contrasting trajectories of India and Pakistan, would they have made the same choice to migrate to Pakistan, writes Amana Begam.

India standoff is hurting Chinese universities. Studying Pakistan, Bangladesh is the only option

Indian scholars too have turned to Taiwanese universities for collaborations as invitations from Chinese universities have declined, writes Aadil Brar.

Mughals failed India in science. Just see what Europe did between 1526 and 1757

BJP and its followers portray the Mughal era as a dark period while established historians highlight the glory of ‘Great Mughals’. But no one compares Mughals with Europeans, writes Dilip Mandal.

Time for Modi to learn from Indira Gandhi. Biren govt is problem, not solution in Manipur

State govt’s very continuation is a provocation to both sides. Kukis see it as partisan with a majoritarian agenda, while Meiteis see it as incapable of even protecting them, writes Shekhar Gupta.

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