By Newzfirst Correspondent 5/10/12


NEW DELHI – Soni Sori, a tribal woman from Chhattisgarh, tortured by Police Thursday got admitted in AIIMS, New Delhi. She complained about severe burning sensation in her vagina due to police torture.

Colin Gonsalves, counsel of Soni Sori in Supreme court who met her in the Hospital after the admission, told, “She complained of severe burning sensation in vagina, may be because of infection caused due insertion of stones during police custody and bristles in genital area. She even complained of severe vaginal bleeding for months together, which is stopped now. Apart from swelling in the legs, she looks very weak and anemic.”

“Moreover, Chhattisgarh police didn’t even provide the medicines that were prescribed by Hospital in Kolkata during last health check-up. Treatment is not yet started. I hope AIIMS will do the justice.” He added.

The Chhattisgarh Police brought Sori from Raipur, the state capital, on Wednesday by a 7a.m. flight. Even though they landed in Delhi before noon, they brought her to AIIMS only at 5p.m. and were sent back because admissions at the hospital close at 4p.m.

“She also expressed desire to meet Guruji -Himamshu Kumar, a social activist, Bani Subramaniam of Saheli and Shalini, a law student cum social activist from Chhattisgarh” said Colin.