Sir Judge

Upon your order, I was treated in Kolkata, which saved my life. Then why have I been sent back among the same people? I am not safe here. I’m having to battle many problems. If your court believes the charges against me, punish me. But don’t leave me among these people. Each day and each night is extremely difficult. I have great pain internally and I await your judgement. The Chhattisgarh government did not delay in bringing me to the Court. The Court in Delhi very swiftly handed me over to them. Then why this delay in your Court?

Was the abuse on me not enough? Why did you give me a new lease of life then? You should have left me to die. I live, thanks to your order, which I’ll never forget. I don’t understand why the Delhi Court doesn’t hear my cries. If they had understood my helplessness, I wouldn’t have been in this state. Despite all that, I was handed over the Chhattisgarh police. At that point, in my heart I was saying “Please don’t send me with them; what they will do with their sister/daughter, you have no idea. “ But the esteemed Court had more faith in the police than in their daughter and because of that, I have lost everything today. The Court still doesn’t understand. Anyway, today one daughter has been abused. Tomorrow it will be another.

This is a plea from a helpless daughter. Please do something otherwise they will just become stronger in the coming days. They said to me that it is the Court that has permitted us to keep you in our custody. Now which Court do I appeal in? This means, Sir Judge, that your Court handed me over to them. They can do anything. I am this country’s first daughter who they brought here with the permission of the Court and then heartlessly abused mentally and physically. Why this injustice to me? Giving electric shocks, stripping me naked, shoving stones inside me – is this going to solve the Naxal problem?

Sir Judge, my body is in great pain. If, in case, I die before you are able to pass judgment, then the Chattisgarh government and police are to be held responsible. Ever since SP Ankit Garg and other police officers did what they did to me, my body is in bad shape. I have three children. After me, there is no one to look after them. My husband has been in jail for the last year and a half in a false case. The Naxals have looted my father’s house. My children need support. My three children are going through great difficulty. They live like orphans. This is a mother’s plea for her children, Sir Judge. Sir Judge, the police is committing the crime and I am being punished.

If they had made the warrant a year and a half ago, why did they not arrest me? I went to the police station and CRP camp many times. I used to meet the police officers and teh cops used come homes many times. Whenever there was an administrative meeting of the Collector , or any other officer in Dantewada, I was always present. Why wasn’t I arrested then? In the Essar case also, the police made a plan to take money from them and asked me to pretend to be a Naxalite. When I refused, they said we have an arrest warrant in your name. If you do this for us, we won’t arrest you. Think about it. Sir Judge, I did not do it.

I appeal to you,

Soni Sori(Sodi)