Today marks the start of the thirtieth anniversary of the events of Black July: the tragic anti-Tamil riots which left many thousands of Sri Lankan Tamils dead, and many many more homeless.

For many in the Tamil community of the United Kingdom, Canada, Australia and elsewhere, this also marks the thirtieth anniversary of when their own personal story of migration and resettlement started.

Tomorrow, to mark the thirtieth anniversary of the start of the riots themselves, we will be unveiling our own little commemoration. In the meantime – to mark the day many take as the start of Black July – we are going to post a number of different articles in the comments below: many written as part of the excellent Groundviews Black July project.


And it is worth also mentioning the excellent series of videos Groundviews, and others, made 5 years ago:


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The Sri Lanka Campaign

The Sri Lanka Campaign for Peace and Justice



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