Sudha Chandran has been an example for many. Despite having her right leg amputated, the popular television actress went on to become one of the highly acclaimed of India. However, living with a Jaipur foot is not easy. And the actress has been facing problems during air travel. And it’s not because of any physical discomfort. Mumbai Mirror has learnt that Sudha had been facing problems with the airport officials. The actress had been harassed by the security officials in Mumbai, Trivandrum and Hyderabad airports.

Talking about her experience, Sudha told Mumbai Mirror, “Twice in the last ten days I have been harassed due to my artificial leg. And this has happened despite me carrying my medical certificate along. The certificate has all the details including how many screws are there on my artificial leg etc.”

Her worst experience was however at the Mumbai airport. “They asked me ridiculous questions. When I told them that I was an actress, they said, ‘Arrey pehchaana nahi aapko. Makeup ke bina bahut different lagte ho.’ It was quite embarrassing.”

Describing the recent Trivandrum incident, Sudha said, “I went to Trivandrum on February 14. The security staff at the airport was extremely rude.”

“They asked me to undress. I was wearing a salwar kameez and couldn’t possibly have undressed. There was also no changing room. They wanted me to remove my artificial leg and show. It was very humiliating. The other people present there came and started watching me,” added the actress.

Hoping that security people will understand the humiliation that a person goes through due to such checks, Sudha added, “I agree that not everyone knows who I am. I am not that famous. However, when I show them all the documents, I just wish they dealt with me respectfully. I wonder what would happen to common people who have issues like these.”


Mumbai Miirror, March 3,2012