Uff My Brain Asks Too Many Questions!!
Shabnam Hashmi, Facebook
My mother was a strange woman. Instead of telling me to obey the elders she taught me to question everything. I wish she was a follower of one of the new age swamis, and would have just learnt to follow instructions herself and taught me the same. Follow the Guru, all your problems are solved.
Unfortunately  for me that didn’t happen and when I asked her as a child does the God make the Sun rise? Unlike all sensible mothers she bluntly told me NO. She said the Sun doesn’t rise, it only gives the impression that it is rising,
Every time I see a new Sun rising . Instead of going to the booth and buying a 5 rupee ticket to go and enjoy the glory of the rising Sun, my stupid brain start asking questions.
The grey cells have become very active, they are asking me, : “ will we be allowed to live for daring to ask questions under the glory of the new rising Sun? “
 IPS officers Sanjiv Bhatt, Rahul Sharma, Satish Verma, RB Sreekumar also had mothers like mine and taught them to ask too many questions. See what happened, it made the rising Sun sit in the time machine go back 20 years and dig out cases against all of them.
I had almost prepared myself for buying a ticket for 5 rupees, after all it was for Uttrakhand victims,  apart from the 15000 who rode on the rays of the rising Sun and were rescued in two days. What a feat. Army could rescue in 15 days only 10,000 and our Sun goes and gets 80 innovas to run on roads that were washed away by the fury of the water and selects 15000 fellows form his state and rescues them to safety. Don’t ask if the Sun’s Innovas had wings as well as helicopter rotors? Including the driver, an Innova is designed to carry seven people. In a tough situation, assume the Sun could pack nine passengers into each car. In that case, a convoy of 80 Innovas could ferry 720 people down the mountains to Dehradun at one go. To get 15,000 people down, the convoy would need to make 21 round trips and  233 hrs but our Sun is no ordinary Sun and he also backed by the corporate media so don’t ask these stupid questions. If you are told he rescued people believe that he did.
At one level I understand the need for collecting rupees five for the victims because our Sun is after all not a magician, the state exchequer is suffering a loss of 33000 crores only in one of the hundreds of deals there has to be ways of recovering the money.
Our rising Sun finished all red tape, over night de-reserved the 1100 acre land of the veterinary hospital and gave it to Tata at 900 sq meter ( market rate 10000 per sq meter) gave a loan of 9570 crores at 0.10% interest to be paid back after 20 years, after all Tata was investing 2200 crores and it was important to announce the investment at the Vibrant Rising Sun summit. Its only fools like me who go and dig up and ask question why 9570 crore loan for an investment of 2200 crore ? Answer is very simple. At the Vibrant Rising Sun Summit Tata says “Our Sun has the best shine’
Don’t be dissuaded by me, buy a ticket and go get the wisdom. In his state only our Sun gives the wisdom now. All other sources have been made redundant.  Last 17 years no professor, teacher, lecturer has been appointed in universities, saving money is not the only advantage, that also ensures no one asks stupid questions. History, sociology, philosophy is wastage of time so colleges don’t teach that any longer.: only commerce and science.
There is only 59.11 school dropout rate, so at least 40 % finish the high school. Dalit girls dropout rate is only 70%. But look at his greatness he has sanctioned 22 lakhs to teach karamkand to the safai karamchahris!!
He has special regard for them, I must quote here from his book ‘Karamyog’ published in 2007: “I do not believe that they have been doing this job (manual scavenging ) just to sustain their livelihood. Had this been so, they would not have continued with this type of job generation after generation…. At some point of time, somebody must have got the enlightenment that it is their (Valmikis’) duty to work for the happiness of the entire society and Gods; that they have to do this job (manual scavenging) bestowed upon them by Gods; and that this job of cleaning up (shit)  should continue as an internal spiritual activity for centuries.
“      The public Prosecutor produced by the same education system tells the judge, ‘ Sir the SC/ST act has been amended by the state and you can give anticipatory bail, and He does. See, it’s important to teach them to believe and obey. Its only foolish people like me who say: Hey a Central act cannot be amended by State and anticipatory bail is not allowed. But fools like me don’t know that Supreme Court and High Court decisions don’t matter much when the Sun is shining and he has his own rule book. Now the 300 lawyers who have registered to go there will highly benefit in learning how to subvert the whole Constitution of India.
The State assembly under his Sunshine has worked for 30 days a year on an average. There is no Lokayukt since 2003. High Court ordered, ‘Appoint Lokayukt’ our rising Sun went to Supreme Court, he lost, filed revision petition, lost filed curative petition, lost still no Lokayukt till today. Next city will have to pay rupee 10 to get the Sun shine as now legal expenses of 45 crores ( public money ofcourse)  for losing the Lokyukt battle need to be recovered too.
The rising Sun is coming to your city. Bask in the glory till the Sun shines. No debate, no raising of questions.
 Enjoy the sunshine and I prepare myself to be lodged in some jail or easier would be to just get encountered.
It will only require a name change- Ishrat, Sohrabuddin, Sadiq Jamal or could be in the witness category- Tulsi Prajapati without a name change.
If you are still not convinced that you should not ask questions then
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