Sunanda Pushkar Death: Delhi Police Seeks Lie Detector Test on 3 Witnesses

File photo of Sunanda Pushkar and Shashi Tharoor.


New Delhi, May 15: Making some progress into the Sunanda Pushkar murder case, the Delhi police have named three persons as suspects. The discrepancies in the statements of three persons and the manner in which a major cover up was attempted are all aspects that are under the radar of the Delhi police. In a court at Delhi, the police who had initially summoned Narain Singh, the domestic help, Sanjay Dewan, friend of Shashi Tharoor and Bajrangi the driver as witnesses have now been named as suspects in the case.

The discrepancies in the statements of these three persons appear to be a case where in they were coached. A Delhi police official informed Oneindia that all these three persons knew much more, but chose to remain silent about it. The great cover up act?


The more the Delhi police are looking into the case, it appears to be a case of murder and a cover up. Sunanda had told almost everybody around her that she wanted to speak with the media and expose her husband. Further several others have told the police that the discord between Sunanda and Shashi Tharoor was due to an alleged relationship the latter had with a Pakistani journalist Meher Tarar. All the three accused persons who have been named by the Delhi police had however denied any such knowledge and the Delhi police saying that they are trying to misguide the police.

Sunanda had spoken about conducting a press conference, but the three persons refused to divulge any details and in fact had denied any knowledge regarding the same. The Delhi police say that these three persons were at the hotel before Sunanda died. Why was she in a hotel when Tharoor had a house at the Lodhi Garden. The statement that there was repair work going on at the residence is a lie. The repair work was completed before Sunanda even landed in Delhi and hence she staying at a hotel does not make sense, the police say


Was she sent to the hotel intentionally?


During all the trips that Sunanda made to Delhi, she stayed over at Tharoor’s residence in Lodhi Garden. However this time around it was strange that she was at the hotel. The argument that repair work was on at the home is not correct as it was completed much before she came to Delhi. Even at the hotel there were some strange incidents which just do not add up. While the injury marks on her body are suspect and look inflicted rather than self-inflicted, it is also quite strange that the power in her room was turned off just before she died. The three accused have not given any valid explanation about the wounds on her body. When asked whether the lights were turned off before her death, all the three denied any knowledge. Through our investigations, we have found that these persons were very much present at the hotel and knew everything that happened on that fateful night. They need to undergo a polygraph test so that the truth can come out the Delhi police also say.

Records deleted

The Delhi police have also smelt a rat post the murder. A lot of communication on her cell phone and laptop are missing. There are attempts being made by the investigators to retrieve the data. Very important data was on her devices and they contained important information, the Delhi police also say. We will question the three accused about this too as they were present at the spot and could have accessed the mobile or the laptop. The accounts given to the Delhi police by various other persons indicate that Sunanda was distraught. There are clear indications that it was an alleged relationship with Meher Tarar which was the primary cause for the fights. There could be more to this too as Sunanda had repeatedly told her friends that she wanted to call for a press conference.

What was it that she wanted to say at the press conference? Was she stopped and did her insistence regarding the same lead to her death is something that the police are looking into. These points hold the key and we firmly believe that her threat to reveal certain details to the media is what could have brought about her death, an officer privy to the probe informed.

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