Rolls Royce of a story, sent by a friend.


One day during a visit to London, a casually dressed Raja Jai Singh of Alwar was walking down Bond Street. He saw a Rolls Royce showroom and went inside to inquire about the prices and features of their cars.

Considering him a just another poor Indian, the salesmen insulted him and showed him the way out of the showroom. Jai Singh returned to his hotel room and asked his aide to call Rolls Royce that the Raja of Alwar is interested in purchasing a few cars.

A few hours later Jai Singh visited the same Rolls Royce showroom but in his full royal regalia and demeanor. Rolls Royce had laid a red carpet and the salesmen were scraping the floor bowing to him. The Raja purchased all the six cars that they had at the showroom and paid in full asking for delivery in Alwar.

When the cars reached, Jai Singh ordered the Alwar municipality to use all these six Rolls Royce cars for collecting garbage in the city. This news spread all over the world rapidly and the reputation of the great Rolls Royce Company was literally in the gutters.

Whenever someone used to boast owning a Rolls Royce, people used to laugh and ask, “like the ones used in Alwar for carrying garbage?” RR began to hurt. Properly chastised, Rolls Royce then apologized to the Raja and offered him six more of their cars provided he removed his existing Rolls fleet from the garbage detail.

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