Surat constable Sunita Yadav goes on sick leave, minister’s

ByOjas Mehta / Updated: Jul 13, 2020, 11:59 IST

Surat constable Sunita Yadav goes on sick leave, minister’s son arrested for violation of lockdown normsSunita Yadav emerges from Surat police headquarters on Sunday█ New video exposes ‘Lady Singham’s’ use of expletives

Surat constable Sunita Yadav goes on sick leave pending inquiry into incident where she confronted minister Kumar Kanani’s son Prakash and his two friends for violation of lockdown norms; accused released on bail

While Surat constable Sunita Yadav earned the nickname of ‘Lady Singham’ after remaining unfazed in the face of powerful people, including minister Kumar Kanani’s son Prakash, an audio of her using choicest of abuses, and issuing threats has emerged.

It even has the potential of inviting stern departmental action against her. She had stopped Prakash and his two friends on July 8 in Surat, for violation of curfew notification post 10 pm.

The videos of the confrontation had gone viral on social media. On Sunday, Yadav was summoned to Surat police headquarters to brief about the incident after which she went on sick leave pending inquiry into it. Prakash (37) and his two friends Dushyant Jivraj Godhani (41) and Sanjay Kakadiya (42) were arrested and later released on bail.

Sunita Yadav, the Surat constable, is heard not just shouting choicest expletives but also saying that she would have broken the derriere of the people if her senior had not asked her to leave the spot.

It was this that Prakash was referring to after being released from detention for violation of lockdown and curfew notification, while talking about Yadav’s “high-handedness”. “The audios and videos have been edited and made public and people will now realise the kind of language she used,” he said.

Surat constable Sunita Yadav who pulled up BJP minister’s son over breaking night curfew rules resigns from duty
In fact, in one of the audio clips made public, Prakash Kanani is seen removing the sign of MLA in the car after Sunita Yadav ordered him to do so. He is also seen asking his friends not to get into verbal confrontation with the cop.

What was made public were audios split in 4 parts while deleting parts where she used expletives. The entire video has now surfaced, exposing her abusive words , highhandedness-Kumar Kanani, MoS for health
Minister of state for health Kumar Kanani told Mirror, “Sunita Yadav spoke to me on the phone and I told her to take legal action but not use abusive language. She asked me who owned the car my son Prakash was driving and I told her it was my car and my son had a right to use it.”

Kanani added, “Sunita Yadav had seized the mobiles of everyone and a cop in a civil dress had taken the entire video. What was made public were audios split into four parts while deleting parts where she used expletives. The entire video has now surfaced and it shows the kind of language and highhanded behaviour of the woman cop.”

“My son spoke softly with folded hands. When she talked to me, I understood from her tone and told her that she should proceed legally instead of using abusive language.”

Asked if Prakash had threatened to keep her posted at the point for 365 days, Kanani said, “She taunted my son to get her transferred to Gandhinagar and he responded by saying that he does not want to get her transferred and that she can be at the spot. This was tweaked to her advantage in the video.”

“The truth is out now that the full video has surfaced,” Kanani said.

ACP C K Patel has been tasked to inquire into the matter

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