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Surrogacy Racket- Fertility specialist held on charge of selling newborn

He promised a surrogate mother to a couple for Rs. 3.5 lakh

A fertility specialist has been arrested on charges of running a surrogacy racket, and kidnap and sale of newborns.

Nandini Layout police said K.T. Gurumurthy was arrested based on the complaint filed by Dhan Bosco, a businessman.

Gurumurthy, owner of Srushti Global Trust in Basaveshwarnagar, struck a deal with Dhan Bosco and his late wife, Sarala Devi, to find a woman to be a surrogate mother for their child at a cost of Rs. 3.5 lakh. He collected semen samples from Mr. Bosco in 2008.

After about seven months, Gurumurthy informed Bosco that a girl child had been born to the surrogate mother. But he refused to justify the early birth of the child, and he refused to return the money in case the couple did not want to accept the child.

So the couple took the child home. In due time, they realised that the child was suffering from some ailments. Depressed over the issue, Sarala passed away. Meanwhile suspecting the paternity of the child, Bosco underwent a DNA test that proved that he was not the biological father. Aggrieved by this, he approached the police authorities and charged with kidnap and trafficking of the new born for the purpose of sale, cheating, threatening and criminal intimidation.

Gurumurthy had been arrested in January on charge of cheating at least 19 women after promising them that he would give them IVF treatment.


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