Early Results: Yes, There is Hope After a   Psychiatric Diagnosis!

MindFreedom “I Got Better” Survey on
Mental Health Gets Great Initial Response.

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When someone — often a young person — gets their first psychiatric diagnosis, it can feel hopeless.

MindFreedom International’s “Hope in Mental Health Care Survey” is off to a great start.

Part of an “I Got Better” campaign, more than 1,000 have already taken this few-minute-long introductory survey, sharing their opinions and experiences of hope and hopelessness in mental health care.

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The “Hope in Mental Health Care” survey launched the I Got Better campaign, an ongoing project defying the all-too-common message that recovery from mental and emotional distress is impossible.

Some exciting preliminary results from the survey are in:

• 97.7% of survey respondents with a psychiatric history have experienced at least some recovery from a mental health or emotional problem.

• 65.2% ranked themselves as “8” or higher on a recovery scale, and 21.5% ranked themselves as “10” (“fully recovered”).

• 63.9% of all survey respondents strongly agreed that “With proper care nearly all people diagnosed with a mental health or emotional problem can recover.”

The I Got Better campaign will make stories of recovery and data about hope in mental health care (drawn largely from the survey) available through a variety of media, including its own new website:


You can help this campaign go viral. Through the I Got Better Campaign, these and other important data will be publicized widely, combating harmful messages of stigma and hopelessness.

That new I Got Better web site now has a call for you to submit your own video story of mental health recovery, which could some day save the life of someone getting a psychiatric label, such as a youth or young adult.

The more survey responses MindFreedom can collect, the stronger the data on hope in mental health care will be!

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