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Remembering India’s Forgotten Holocaust

British policies killed nearly 4 million Indians in the 1943-44 Bengal Famine RAKESH KRISHNAN SIMHA June 13, 2014, Issue 25 Volume 11 Scorched earth By 1943, hordes of starving people were flooding into Calcutta and a huge number of them died… Continue Reading →

Can Modi be compared to Hitler?

  Ram Punyani The national daily Hindustan Times carried an article (‘Comparing Hitler’s Germany with India 2014 is odious’, Marcus Pindur and Padma Rao Sunderji, HT 23rd may 2014), the following is the response to that.       With Modi coming to… Continue Reading →

India Elections – Secular Anthem- We Pledge not to Vote Modi #AbKiBaarModiKiHaar

  सौगंध हमें इस मिटटी कि, हम देश नहीं मिटनें देंगे हम देश नहीं बिकने देंगे, हम देश नहीं झुकने देंगे । सौगंध हमें इस मिटटी कि, मोदी को वोट नहीं देंगे ये धरती हम से पूछ रही, कितना लहू… Continue Reading →

*Liar, illiterate, divisive, fraudulent, fascist and unfit to be Prime Minister #Namo #Feku

Hell hath no fury like a Nitish mocked SANKARSHAN THAKUR, Telegraph Nitish Kumar at the rally. Picture by Ashok Sinha Rajgir, Oct. 29: Nitish Kumar mounted the extinguisher to Narendra Modi’s fire-breathing today and left him doused in a stunning counterblast… Continue Reading →

Germany marks 80 years since Adolf Hitler rose to power

The rise of the Nazis was made possible because the elite of German society worked with them, but also, above all else, because most in Germany at least tolerated this rise,” Merkel said. After winning about a third of the… Continue Reading →

Hitler’s Strange Afterlife in India #sundayreading

Nov 30, 2012 , http://www.thedailybeast.com Hated and mocked in much of the world, the Nazi leader has developed a strange following among schoolchildren and readers of Mein Kampf in India. Dilip D’Souza on how political leader Bal Thackeray influenced Indians to admire Hitler… Continue Reading →

Hitler a coke head who farted uncontrollably- Medical Documents

PTI,  May 8,2012 Washington: Adolf Hitler was apparently a coke head who farted uncontrollably, ingested some 28 drugs at a time and received injections of bull testicle extracts to bolster his libido. It’s a whole other side to the Nazi dictator,… Continue Reading →

Censoring Hitler — and the past

Laws that destroy our civil liberties are dangerous, no matter who passes them By Ezra Levant,QMI Agency If every Jew in Europe had a firearm, do you think Hitler could have killed six million of them so easily? He might… Continue Reading →

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