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Swazi Chiefs Shut Women Out of Parliament #Vaw #Womenrights #WTFnews

  By Mantoe PhakathiReprint | Women in Swaziland’s Ekwendzeni Chiefdom register to vote for the primary election. Analysts say that chauvinistic practices are being used to prevent women from participating in the Aug. 24 elections. Credit: Mantoe Phakathi/IPS MBABANE, Aug 21 2013… Continue Reading →

3.1 million children under five die of malnutrition annually

  Author(s):  Jyotsna Singh Issue Date:  2013-6-10 Study says child mortality linked to maternal undernutrition, obesity Forty-five per cent of deaths of children below the age of five globally are attributed to malnutrition, says a study published as part of… Continue Reading →

The Emperor Uncrowned — The rise of Narendra Modi

  By VINOD K JOSE | 1 March 2012  4385 620 Print|E-Mail| Multiple Page ON THE AFTERNOON OF 22 APRIL 1498, a few kilometres off the shore of the East African port of Malindi, Captain-Major Vasco da Gama was a happy man. After drifting… Continue Reading →

Ranbaxy’s fraudulent practices- A deception most foul #Healthcare #Pharma

A deception most foul NARAYAN LAKSHMAN, The Hindu Ranbaxy tablet. Ranbaxy’s fraudulent practices may have jeopardised millions of lives in India, Africa and the U.S. Exactly two weeks ago, the pharmaceuticals industry was rocked by revelations that one of the… Continue Reading →

Kofi Annan: Africa plundered by secret mining deals

 Under-pricing deprives Africa of much-needed money, the report says BBC Tax avoidance, secret mining deals and financial transfers are depriving Africa of the benefits of its resources boom, ex-UN chief Kofi Annan has said. Firms that shift profits to lower… Continue Reading →

The Global Fund Should Take Transparency to Another Level #Ngos

Robert Bourgoing 18 Apr 2013 When I joined the Global Fund in 2003, my main responsibility, as the Manager of Online Communications, was to help the organisation deliver on its commitment to transparency. One of the conditions set forth by… Continue Reading →

#India – Africans complain of discrimination in Mumbai

BBC News Sheeba Rani has been ostracised by many friends and relatives for marrying Nigerian Sambo Davis Africans staying in and around India‘s commercial capital, Mumbai (Bombay), complain of indiscriminate racism and constant police harassment, reports the BBC’s Zubair Ahmed…. Continue Reading →

Medicine, monopoly and malice: documentary on access to medicines ‘Fire in the Blood

  POSTED BY ARADDHYA MEHTTA ON FEB 20TH, 2013 IN ACCESS TO MEDICINES, HIV AND AIDS |  A new documentary film opening in UK and Irish cinemas this week tells the story of what its makers call “the Crime of the Century” – how available low-cost… Continue Reading →

Diamonds are Not Forever, But the Land Is

By Tommy TrenchardReprint |       , IPS Mabinti displays a papaya in the village of Makonkonde. Like many farmers in rural Sierra Leone, she struggles to get her fruit to the market. Credit: Tommy Trenchard/IPS FREETOWN , Jan 31 2013… Continue Reading →

SIERRA LEONE: Shifting tide on abortion law

 IRIN NEWS Africa English reports   http://www.irinnews.org/report.aspx?reportid=96907   FREETOWN, 27 November 2012 (IRIN) – The new government is responding positively to health workers and youth groups who have long called for a change in the 1861 law banning abortion except… Continue Reading →

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