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Monsanto has violated the basic human right to a healthy environment and food

Judges at The Hague called on international lawmakers to hold corporations like Monsanto accountable KATHERINE PAUL, ALTERNETSKIP TO COMMENTS (Credit: AP/Francois Mori) This article originally appeared on AlterNet.   “Most opinion tribunals have had a considerable impact, and it is… Continue Reading →

Gujarat- Outsiders in their own land

Outsiders in their own land 1 Author(s): Soma Basu @sbasu_in  May 15, 2014 | Gujarat government eyes limestone underneath land cultivated by Sikh farmers, curbs their ownership rights Nirmal Singh, a farmer in Panandhro village, shows limestone in his farmland (Photo: Soma… Continue Reading →

#India – Criminal Paradox of Plenty

Indian laborers separate rotten wheat grains at a storage facility. With such a large population, India cannot afford to waste grain. (Narinder Nanu /Getty Image Kamayani Bali Mahabal- aka Kractivist India is a criminal paradox of plenty -overflowing godowns and… Continue Reading →

#India – Women demand A land of their own #womenrights

Author(s): Sabita Parida  Feb 15, 2014 | Society thinks women do not want to own land. That’s where it is wrong Sabita Parida In popular iconography, a farmer is a man with a moustache, wearing a turban and holding a plough… Continue Reading →

#India – Rehabilitation in Land Acquisition Act flawed

KOLKATA, October 29, 2013, The Hindu Medha Patkar says it has no arrangement for “alternative livelihood” Activist Medha Patkar addresses a seminar on the new Land Acquisition Act in Kolkata on Monday.— Photo: Sushanta Patronobish The process of rehabilitation of those… Continue Reading →

#India – Private companies to dictate terms in agriculture #WTFnews

Participation or takeover? Author(s): Jyotika Sood [1] Issue Date: 2013-7-31 Private companies now dictate terms in Maharashtra’s agriculture sector. Punjab follows suit Photo: Reuters Mumbai, November 2011. The World Economic Forum organised its annual event, the India Economic Summit. The conference… Continue Reading →

#Monsanto digs its heels in Pakistan

Coming from a politician or bureaucrat, it wouldn’t have been surprising. But it was unexpected from the Vice Chancellor of Faisalabad University of Agriculture when he claimed that GMOs would “bring about a new green revolution based on biotechnology, precision… Continue Reading →

What plagues Maharashtra’s irrigation sector ?

Wanted: rule of law Author(s): Pradeep Purandare, Downtoearth Issue Date: May 31, 2013 What plagues Maharashtra’s irrigation sector Pradeep PurandareIt is simple, true and bitter. Maharashtra’s irrigation sector is going from bad to worse. First an irrigation scam and now a drought…. Continue Reading →

#India – Work on Suktel irrigation project begins at gun point #oppression

Author(s): Sudeep Kumar Guru Issue Date: 2013-4-11 Balangir district authorities use police force to allow construction work as anti-dam stir continues Photo credit: Sudeep Kumar Guru Work on the Lower Suktel irrigation project in Odisha was started this week amid public… Continue Reading →

Violation of law in land allotted to tribal people, claims study on Forest Rights Act

MEENA MENON, The Hindu,  mUMBAI mARCH 25,2013  Sloppy implementation of the Forest Rights Act (FRA) has resulted in large tracts of forests being cut down and claimed as cultivated land in Maharashtra, according to a study. Data shows that in… Continue Reading →

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