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Monsanto has violated the basic human right to a healthy environment and food

Judges at The Hague called on international lawmakers to hold corporations like Monsanto accountable KATHERINE PAUL, ALTERNETSKIP TO COMMENTS (Credit: AP/Francois Mori) This article originally appeared on AlterNet.   “Most opinion tribunals have had a considerable impact, and it is… Continue Reading →

Court Officer Sexually Assaults Woman in Court, Arrests Her #Vaw #WTfnews

AlterNet / By Alex Kane = When Everyone in Court Ignores Her Pleas for Help The Clark County family court is under heavy scrutiny after a video showed a woman who said she was sexually assaulted being arrested. June 11, 2013  |  Employees from… Continue Reading →

1 Black Man Is Killed Every 28 Hours by Police or Vigilantes in USA #Racism #WTFnews

AlterNet / By Adam Hudson How America Is Perpetually at War With Its Own People From the war on drugs to the war on terror, law enforcement’s battle against minorities serves as pacification. Photo Credit: Shutterstock.com/Eugene Ivanov May 28, 2013  |  Police officers, security… Continue Reading →

What Does the Oscars Have Against Women? #oscarwomen

It’s time for a serious national conversation on male bias in the film industry. Photo Credit: Shutterstock.com February 20, 2013  | Stop the presses! Hollywood is still a man’s world. If you have any doubt, consider this: last year, six entire… Continue Reading →

#Olympics: NBC Gives a Big Middle Finger to Over 100 Million Americans Without Cable TV

  People all over the world are watching the Olympics online, but a lot of Americans are just out of luck. July 29, 2012  |  Alternet.org Every four years, much of the world comes together to compete in – and… Continue Reading →

How American Corporations Transformed from Producers to Predators

Over the last 30 years, corporations have turned on the 99 percent. Here’s how it happened and how to fight back. April 1, 2012  |  William Lazonick, Alternet Photo Credit: AlterNet Corporations are not working for the 99 percent. But this wasn’t… Continue Reading →

Listen Up, Guys: If The Catholic Bishops Win, It’s The End of Sex As You Know It

One of the most stunning things about this whole contraception farce is the number of men who are still sitting this out, on the assumption that this is just another “women’s issue.” They don’t think they’ve got a dog in… Continue Reading →

iEmpire: Apple’s Sordid Business Practices Are Even Worse Than You Think

New research goes beyond the New York Times to show just how disturbing labor conditions at Foxconn, the “Chinese hell factory,” really are. February 7, 2012 | Behind the sleek face of the iPad is an ugly backstory that has… Continue Reading →

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