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Reliance is telling CNN IBN journalists how to cover the Aam Aadmi Party

By Sruthijith KK Arvind Kejriwal’s critics say there was no need for all cameras to be on him. Reuters/Arko Datta It’s been more than a month since industrial giant Reliance Industries took over Network18 Group, which runs a suite of television channels including… Continue Reading →

India’s Newest Media Baron, Mukesh Ambani Embraces #Censorship #WTFnews

  6 JUN 1, 2014 6:03 PM EDT By Pankaj Mishra Bold initiatives characterize India’s richest man, Mukesh Ambani, who famously lives in a 27-story building in Mumbai, a city where most people languish in slums. Last month, his company, Reliance Industries Ltd.,… Continue Reading →

Mukesh Ambani and Adani leads billionaire gains on Narendra Modi’s lead

Mukesh Ambani added almost $800 million to his wealth and Gautam Adani added almost $700 million on Tuesday Netty Ismail  |  Pooja Thakur  Mukesh Ambani has added $5.3 billion to his fortune since 13 September, when Modi, the chief minister of Gujarat,… Continue Reading →

Will Ambani have the last laugh? Or why the AAP needs a small lesson in Marxism

February 17, 2014     by Saroj Giri   Let us accept Arun Jaitley’s characterisation that the Aam Aadmi Party (AAP) government had no agenda, ideology or mandate. Is this not precisely what gives AAP the freedom and lucidity with… Continue Reading →

What is common between Ambani, Subroto Roy or Praful Patel ?

  E                       SUCHETA DALAL | 21/01/2014 , moneylife               How the powerful threaten our basic freedom It is the Polyester Prince story all over again…. Continue Reading →

Open letter to Mukesh Ambani by a True Mumbaikar

Dear Mr.Ambani, I am a proud owner of a 2005, Honda CRV.  Although the car is in good condition it’s old and my family thinks it’s outlived it’s life. It’s their constant nagging which prompted me to write this mail… Continue Reading →

Reliance – Ambani #Astonmartin Crash – Driver ID surprise

OUR SPECIAL CORRESPONDENT, Telegraph Mumbai, Dec. 25: A prime witness has identified the driver of a Reliance-owned Aston Martin that was involved in a pile-up early this month as 55-year-old company chauffeur Bansilal Joshi rather than a “clean-shaven young man” who… Continue Reading →

Ambani #AstonMartin crash: No compensation from Reliance

NDTV | Reported by Saurabh Gupta, Edited by Diana George | Updated: December 26, 2013  The wrecked Aston Martin that crashed into two cars in Mumbai on December 8 Mumbai:  A woman driver in Mumbai has denied reports that she accepted a new car… Continue Reading →

#India – Nobody crashed the Aston Martin #Ambanicase

Gayatri Jayaraman   |   Mail Today  |   Mumbai, December 19, 2013 | The customised Aston Martin, estimated to be worth Rs.4.5-cr, banged into an Audi causing it to jump the divider and hit an oncoming bus. The Aston Martin then hit a Hyundai Elantra. On the evening… Continue Reading →

Did Akash Ambani, Son Of Mukesh Ambani, Kill Two People In A Road Accident?

Adhithi Kanthan  December 18, 2013   It is being speculated that son of Mukesh Ambani, Akash, was responsible for a road accident in Mumbai that killed two. The accident took place on December 8, 2013.  On Thursday, December 12 2013, Jammu… Continue Reading →

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