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ATTN – Mumbai Rising For Disability Access @May24th #Mustshare

Is it possible to lock out millions of people in a city from accessing the most basic facilities? Would the constitution and the law of the nation allow it? You don’t have to go far to find out because right… Continue Reading →

After Girish Karnad, Taslima Nasreen rips into V S Naipaul

Krishna Kumar   |   MAIL TODAY  |   New Delhi, November 3, 2012 | TAGS: Taslima Nasreen | V S Naipaul | Sir Vidia | Girish Karnad | anti-Muslim Taslima Nasreen, V S Naipaul and Girish Karnad Reverberations in the literary world are still being felt a day after playwrightGirish Karnad slammed Nobel laureate V S Naipaulon Friday…. Continue Reading →

Truth behind the Violence- Mumbai Police’s mature handling of Saturday’s protest #mustshare

Citizens for Justice and Peace met the Commissioner of Police Mumbai to express our concern over the fallout of Saturday’s violence. His mature  handling of a potentially explosive situation on Saturday did ensure that matters were brought under control. Most… Continue Reading →

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