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An Open letter to Assocham – Lop-sided discussion on nuclear energy

  To,       Ajay Sharma   Senior Director,   The Associated Chambers of Commerce & Industry of India (ASSOCHAM) &   Executive Secretary,   Private Equity & Venture Capital Association of India (PEVCAI)   ASSOCHAM Corporate Office  … Continue Reading →

Press Release – People’s Convention Against Onslaught on #FOE and Association

Need to change the judicial and political system, resolves people’s convention   New Delhi, May 18, 2013: A people’s convention on the State’s Onslaught On Right to Freedom of Expression and Association organized here in the backdrop of suspension of INSAF’s… Continue Reading →

#India- The Vanishing Crores- massive swindling in the Rs74,000-crore farm loan waiver

      Devinder Sharma, March 7, 2013:   The financial outlay is not matching the outcome. If institutional credit is not reaching the farmers, where is it going?     Following the disclosure by the Comptroller & Auditor General… Continue Reading →

The dark underbelly of India’s clinical trials business- #medical ethics #humanrights

Incidents at Bhopal and Indore highlight irregularities and ethical violations in some trials Malia Politzer  |   Vidya Krishnan First Published: Wed, Oct 10 2012. , at Live Mint Protesters outside the Bhopal Memorial Hospital and Research Centre. Photo: Sayeed Farooqui/Mint Updated: Thu, Oct… Continue Reading →

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