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Joint Statement Condemn Police Excesses in Lower Suktel Project area in Balangir, Odisha

      Scrap the Lower Suktel Dam project immediately       We, the undersigned, are anguished and appalled by the brutality and excesses of Orissa Police on peaceful demonstrators and concerned citizens near Magurbeda village of Balangir District… Continue Reading →

#India – Dams and the Doomed… min(e)d games of the state

  April 29, 2013  by Subrat Kumar Sahu ‘We all are living in a gang war… [in which] the state is just another gang!’  – Arundhati Roy In the wee hour 29 April 2013, at least 10 platoons of police… Continue Reading →

#India – ‘Development at Gunpoint’ in Odisha – Ground Report #Video

    Apr 30, 2013 The vegetable garden of Odisha is going to be submerged and more than 50 villages displaced; and the name of the game is ‘Development at Gunpoint’ — meaning ‘peaceful industrialization’ as the chief minister claims!… Continue Reading →

#India – Why are people opposing Lower Suktel Irrigation project in Odisha ?

  “O government! Open your ear and listen to us ,We do not need Suktel dam.”                    – writing on a wall in GS Dungripali, one of the villages that will be… Continue Reading →

#India – Report on Lower Suktel Project and People’s Protest

April 21, 2013 By Amitabh Patra Lower Suktel: Suktel is a tributary river of Mahanadi in Odisha, flowing in the districts of Bolangir & Sonepur. The state Govt. has been trying to build a dam named “Lower Suktel Irrigation Project… Continue Reading →

#India – Work on Suktel irrigation project begins at gun point #oppression

Author(s): Sudeep Kumar Guru Issue Date: 2013-4-11 Balangir district authorities use police force to allow construction work as anti-dam stir continues Photo credit: Sudeep Kumar Guru Work on the Lower Suktel irrigation project in Odisha was started this week amid public… Continue Reading →

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