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#Sundayreading – Wikipedia, Bhanwari Devi and the need for an alert feminist public

Guest Post by URVASHI SARKAR Until June 20th 2014, if you visited the Wikipedia entry on Bhanwari Devi — a women’s rights Dalit activist who was raped for taking on child marriage in an upper caste community in her Rajasthan… Continue Reading →

#India – The Battle for Sexual Harassment Law and Bhanwari Devi #Vaw

Sweta Dutta : Sun Dec 08 2013, Bhanwari, 55, is aware that the guidelines are in the news, as aware as she is about what these still lack. It took the December 16, 2012, Delhi gangrape for the recommendations to take… Continue Reading →

#India – Crucial lessons from decades of campaigns by women’s groups on Rape Law #Vaw #Sexualharassment

From Mathura to Bhanwari EPW- Vol – XLVIII No. 23, June 08, 2013 | Laxmi Murthy The recent law on sexual harassment at the workplace rides on the back of decades of campaigns by women’s groups, starting with the rape law in… Continue Reading →

INDIA: A Republic of the rapists, by the rapists, for the rapists? #Vaw

Avinash Pandey The news had sprung up from nowhere. All that I had picked up the newspaper for, was to kill some time on that long flight and here it was, tucked away in a small box, staring at me…. Continue Reading →

PRESS RELEASE-International Anti Big Dam day- People oppose Vishnugad-Peepalkoti HEP in Ganga valley

  Today on 14th march in Alaknandaganga valley, on the occasion of international Anti Big Dam day demonstration held .on one hand , across the country, there has been no rehabilitation of the people displaced by big dams ,the environmental… Continue Reading →

Remembering Lakshmi, ‘Devi’ #Obituary #Vaw #Womenrights

S Anandhi, EPW march 16, 2013 vol xlviiI 32 no 11 As a dedicated Mathamma, Devi’s world consisted of the violent realities of caste oppression and sexual exploitation. Struggling to negotiate her convictions to abolish the practice of dedicating women to… Continue Reading →

On a car ride with Mother Courage- Bhanwari Devi #Vaw #Sexualharassment

Independent journalist & radio anchor Vasanthi Hariprakash tells about her date with Rajastan’s firebrand Bhanwari Devi bangalore Mirror Posted On Sunday, March 10, 2013 at 09:19:45 PM It is one thing to read about Bhanvari Devi in the papers; totally… Continue Reading →

The Irony of Iconhood: The life and times of Bhanwari Devi #Vaw #Sexualharassment #Justice

by- Laxmi Murthy “Only justice can fill my belly, not awards,” says Bhanwari Devi in response to a question from the audience about whether or not she had been recognised by international awards. She was speaking at a meeting organised… Continue Reading →

Attn Bangalore- Public Talk by Bhanwari Devi #Gangrape #Vaw #sexualharassment

Dear All, The Alternative Law Forum invites you to a talk by Bhanwari Devi.The talk will focus specifically on her battle for justice in the courts after she was gang-raped in 1992. The attack on her and her husband was… Continue Reading →

Radical Socialist Statement on the #Delhigangrape and Popular Protests

  Solidarity with the protesters in Delhi! Down with government violence and misleading information! Punish every rapist and all those who support or abet rape! There have been sustained protests in Delhi against the rape of a young woman of… Continue Reading →

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