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Living Dead – 34 years of #BhopalGasTragedy- Elusive Justice

It was on the night of December 2, 1984, when Bhopal died a million deaths. The chemical, methyl isocyanate (MIC), that spilled out from Union Carbide India Ltd’s (UCIL’s) pesticide factory turned the city into a vast gas chamber. People… Continue Reading →

Press Release – New evidence presented in the US case against UCC for their responsibility for the ongoing soil/groundwater contamination in Bhopal.

International Campaign for Justice in Bhopal PRESS RELEASE: New evidence presented in the US case against UCC for their responsibility for the ongoing soil/groundwater contamination in Bhopal.January 29, 2014, New York: Plaintiffs in a lawsuit against Union Carbide Corp. released… Continue Reading →

#India – Bhopal Activists spied upon – A secret no more- Wikileaks #WTFnews

Stratfor, a US-based global intelligence firm with alleged CIA links, spied on Bhopal Gas tragedy activists at the behest of Dow Chemicals, reveals WikiLeaks Hardnews Bureau Delhi In a startling revelation, WikiLeaks has leaked parts of emails which suggest that… Continue Reading →

Press Release- Government ‘criminally negligent’ Bhopal survivors forced to consume contaminated water

August 14, 2013 At a press conference yesterday , leaders of the five organizations of survivors of the Union Carbide disaster in Bhopal charged the Madhya Pradesh government with criminal neglect in providing clean drinking water to neighbourhood residents of… Continue Reading →

India Activists offer new plan for Bhopal Gas Tragedy

A leading think-tank believes $50m should be spent on clean-up of 1984 chemical disaster. Nina Lakhani Last Modified: 07 Aug 2013 , Aljazeera Survivors of the disaster want Dow Chemical, rather than the Indian government, to pay for clean-up [EPA] The international… Continue Reading →

Ray of hope for survivors of the Bhopal disaster

Posted on 7 August 2013 by Livewire Team, Amnesty Former UCC Plant, Bhopal © Amnesty International By Madhu Malhotra, Director of Amnesty International’s Gender, Identity and Sexuality Program It is almost three decades since one of the worst corporate disasters in history –… Continue Reading →

How An Indian Court Took on a U.S. Chemical Giant – And Won

Demanding Justice BY SIMON BILLENNESS July 26, 2013 Two young girls stand outside the remains of the infamous Union Carbide plant in Bhopal, India. Half a million people were exposed during the plant’s 1984 gas leak and 25,000 have died… Continue Reading →

US Multinational – Dow Chemical to be summoned in Bhopal Disaster Criminal Case #Goodnews

    Jul 23 2013 by BMA Web Editor   US multinational The Dow Chemical Company (TDCC) has been issued with a summons(1), after a hearing of the Chief Judicial Magistrate’s Court in Bhopal, India, requesting it explain why it does… Continue Reading →

Bhopal survivors hold No Vote rally #Dowchemical #Unioncarbide

Bhopal, July 17 (IBNS) More than 100 survivors of the Dec 1984 Union Carbide disaster on Wednesday staged a rally from Phuta Makbara to Dharmkata, Chhola Road here for their long standing demands of additional compensation, punishment of guilty individuals… Continue Reading →

The unfinished story of Bhopal 1984 #musicalactivism #rap

Dec. 2nd. 1984 was the tragic day when the negligence of Union Carbide led to the Bhopal gas tragedy, an industrial disaster that killed over 25,000 people and cursed generations to a host of diseases and genetic afflictions. This is… Continue Reading →

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